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hey everyone this is host I’m going to be showing you how to set up your own email addresses with iPage web hosting now I’m going to show you it on fatcow hosting but it’s the same exact thing now this is like a tutorial series so if you haven’t seen the other videos they’re right there so let’s go ahead and get started assuming you already have your I page web hosting account and the free domain that it comes with go to the login
page and login to control panel now scroll down and go to the email section just click mail Central and click create mailbox then right here where it says mailbox name just enter the email name you want I’m going to do contact me and choose the domain you’re doing it for I just have one but you can click the drop-down list if you have multiple domains and type in a password remember needs to be all that uppercase number characters stuff as to
have that then just click standard there’s these other features they cost money but not going to look at that right now just click standard enter the password you want then click continue and there you go your mailbox has been created and will show up within 20 minutes usually it’ll be pretty instant so just go ahead and click the home button go back to the main control panel and scroll down and if we click on mail Central there it is right there
contact me at outdoor Steve blogs comm and you can also create more just by doing the same process create mailbox and set up a new email address now I’m going to show you how to access it and respond and all that first I want to show you if you click setup gives you the information here the pop port SMT server information stuff like this for your email address and you can also delete it here so let’s go back to the main control panel I’m going to
now show you how to set it up and use it first of all your webmail click on webmail and enter the email we just made so contact me or whatever one you made and the password and click login and it’s going to load here and there you go we can just close this unless you want that this is the main webmail how you would access your email I’m going to be showing you how to do it with like Yahoo or or outlook in a second but this is the main area you
want to go to to check if the emails are coming through or if you need to verify that you own the email address webmail is the online a source to check the email for this account okay so let’s go back to the main control panel and then click mail central again and click so yeah basically if you’re confused at this point we just set up the email our own email so we have it here contact me at outdoor Steve blogs comm and then webmail is just the
way to access your email through the control panel on FatCow you log in and click webmail you can see your emails but now I’m going to be showing you how to forward it so you’re going to click Edit and then scroll down there’s all this stuff here click Forte’s you’re going to click the plus box it’s going to open it up and then choose the new destination for emails to be sent to so go ahead and enter the email you want them to be sent to click
Add and there you go it’s now been added so the emails are going to be sent there and you can remove it if you want or add another destination you can also set up autoresponders here and import/export your emails now I’m going to show you how to actually respond and get the emails on this account at Yahoo so everyone’s different maybe a hotmail maybe of Gmail so I’m going to go to my yahoo account for Yahoo we go up here where this little gear
icon is and click mail options click mail accounts here on the left and then click the right here and then click right here this add button enter the account name I’m going to do contact me and then enter the email address the one we just created right here contact me at outdoor seas or whatever you create it and click see continue now it’s going to ask you for all this information this is optional and the reason why is this is in order to
receive emails but you don’t need to do that because we already created a forwarder so all the emails are already going to be sent to us automatically we want the ability to respond so you’re going to click right here skip this step at least for Yahoo skip this step to send only now it’s going to tell you it’s going to send a confirmation email to make sure you own this email address click ok and this is where we need webmail remember the webmail
thing I just showed you so let’s go back to control panel we’re going to access the online inbox webmail click webmail and log in and the email and password and we just made click there you go and log in and close out again and here it is right here the email Yahoo sent us to confirm we own it verify this email address and just go ahead and click this and we are good to go it looks like your address your email address is now verified you now have
access to it so now if we go back and I believe we can refresh and there it is right there it is now confirmed the contact me account we just added so I’m going to test it out I’m just going to send myself an email basically and use the email we just made up test test so first we’re going to see if it sends to me send and there it is it showed up the email I just sent myself right here from my yahoo account to my FatCow email address we just made
it showed up and other thing is when you send an email you click this drop-down list and choose the domain you want to the responding address you want to use so this is the Yahoo one then this is the contact one that we just created so you can choose which one you want to send it from so we’ve now confirmed it’s working and then to do it with the Gmail I’m going to show how to do with every type of account but I’m going to show you real quick on
Gmail you would do the same thing go up to the gear icon and click settings click accounts and import at the top then right here add another email address you own and basically just go through the same type of process enter the email they’re going to send you a verification your name and that’s how you do it for Gmail that’s how you do for Yahoo and same thing with like Outlook Express you can use the pop server information that I showed you or
just set it up like I did and there we go that’s about it setting up a email address how to see them for them you can also do an autoresponder manage a spam filter you can edit this stuff so if you have any questions need help you can feel free to contact us on our contact form on host examiner comm all the other tutorials for FatCow will be below or on this screen and thanks for watching