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IPage Hosting Review ( The Best Database Hosting Company ) Based on the high quality services offered by iPage company and many positive reviews from customers, it’s easy to see why they are the best database hosting company. This company is definitely the winner for providing individual and businesses with affordable hosting solutions.

instead of just show you how to sign up with a hosting company like I page like I’ve seen a lot of other sites doing I’m going to sign up in this video but I’m also going to try to focus on saving you money by helping you select the right options for you because there are some options that you’ll see when you are almost done with the signup process and I just want to make sure that you’re you know getting what you need and not what you don’t
need so let’s go ahead click Sign Up now and if you don’t have a domain name yet which is you know like your site com for example then you can get a free domain with I page and if you already have one then you know it will be at another company like GoDaddy or anam which I use a lot actually I started to use godaddy more and I have a couple of domains with I page you know registered with them but mainly I do use anam and godaddy as my domain name
registrars and then I point the hosting I point the dns over to whatever hosting company i’m using so if you are in that situation like I am then say you’re at godaddy for your domain my my website com for example you’re going to go in your godaddy account and then just simply point the dns to I page and that sounds kind of complicated so don’t really worry about it now because i’m going to show you how to do that later so for me in my case i
already have my domain name somewhere else so let’s go ahead and register this what was it haha type the domain name click continue and now we are going to be live in just a few minutes and better start entering this information fill out the contact info in case they need to contact me for any any verification you know to protect my identity or any other issues for setting up my account I’ve never had any issues setting up on an I page account
but you never know so I guess that’s they need the contact info and then payment information I don’t even know what I’m going through this you know what this is um so okay okay purchase information I page hosting package the essential that’s the basic plan and 24 months I mean they like it if you if you bought all that at once but I mean we’re not sure if if our site will explode and we’ll have to move to a big dedicated server within one year
you know I page hosting is great unless you have tons of traffic like thousands of visitors a day then you’re going to probably want to move to something way more expensive but definitely worth it for a high-traffic site which would be a VPS or dedicated hosting but right now we need to save money and time and so we’re going to go with the 12 months at least that’s what i would do you know i’m just trying to minimize spending in risk and you know
minimize the time that I spend setting stuff up and dedicated servers you know those can take a couple days to get to get going and it’s kind of complicated to run them so prevent identity theft and secure your data to be honest I don’t use anything on my dedicated servers even that is dedicated just to that it seems kind of like a superfluous feature to me um and then get a jump start on your website I would say that that’s a great thing to do
but I’m going to help you get your site up using WordPress in another tutorial so we can go ahead and skip that directory listing I would choose that because that’s a good a tiny little jumpstart to help your site get indexed in Google and defend your inbox nope don’t need that automate your site back up definitely important I would always buy this any host that I go with I always make sure they have some sort of automated backup because I didn’t
used to do that and then when one of my sites databases got corrupted soham um I paid for that by losing a few days of posts in one of my health related forums and you know people were keeping journals and stuff up their progress it was a diet form and so I didn’t feel that great saying hey guys I lost your posts you know so i definitely recommend using the site backup drive traffic to your site optimized and submit your site to business
directories and top search engines with submit that basic oh really I don’t think that’s necessary at this point so um because i’m going to be teaching you a lot of how to do that manually if you want to automate that and have their service do it for you you can it’s for ten bucks it’s it’s not a bad deal considering you get directory submissions but right now i’m not going to choose it so we’ve got the automated site back up and the directory
listing for one dollar per month and all right so i’m going to go ahead and fill out this check out page with my information that I’m going to keep secret or I could blur it out we’ll see what happens when I edit the video but I’ll be back in a minute alright I’m back I’ve filled everything out above on this check out page and again just note that the only things I really think you need are going to be the directory listing for one dollar a month
and the automated site backup which is definitely the most important if you choose anything choose that I don’t really think anything else is going to be necessary because like get a jump start on your website we don’t need that because I’m helping you start your website with WordPress and drive traffic to your site and so total purchase price 66 95 let’s go ahead and click checkout alright so we’ve submitted the order and now we can do some
last-minute changes to the order upgrading the account depending on what our needs are so if you are a local business that’s trying to expand online or you know let’s say let’s say you’re a hardware store and you you get you know customers who drive by they come in but you want to start getting people you know more people maybe people who are searching on Google for for Nashville hardware store and then your your site comes up number one on
google local listings if you want to to have that kind of search presence in google then you might want to check out selecting this adding that to your account getting listed on local google searches I am NOT doing that in this case so I’m going to go ahead and unselect that get website traffic from search engines this is a little package that they say is highly recommended you don’t have to do it because I’m going to teach you in other tutorials
how to do all the stuff manually and there is no matter what going to be a lot of stuff that you do need to do manually in terms of networking with other webmasters websites online doing article marketing link building link bait getting you know publishing a cool story and getting other sites to link to it there’s a lot to SEO it’s not rocket science it can be really fun but it’s not just a instant gratification thing but a package like like this
from I page can’t help get indexed and ranking for some low competition terms so you might want to select that adding to your account but again I’m not going to select that right now since this is a demo account all right protect your customer transactions now this is an ssl certificate you might already know about this if you are good a cell you know if you’re going to do ecommerce and you know take transactions online take credit card payments
online and then ship products to people then you’re going to need an ssl certificate so you can secure those transactions and 1995 a year it’s a good price for the ssl certificate and I page uses a you know very strong encryption so if I was doing that if I was selling products online taking card payments I would definitely add this to my account to simplify things and speed up the time it will take me to get started so what’s left email
marketing now i have to say i would not choose this under any circumstance not that I wouldn’t choose email marketing but I need to help you set get set up with a different email marketing system that is all right the thing about email marketing is that it’s really hard for companies to guarantee that your emails will be delivered to the people who sign up with you so the industry leaders are a weber and eye contact and a few others so nothing
against I page but they’re not a mailing service and I don’t really know about their deliverability so I highly recommend that you don’t choose this option because I’ll help you set up your email marketing through another system later and it will pay off so let’s see I didn’t select any upgrades at this time so I’m just going to click no thanks all right so now our web hosting has been set up successfully and will get a receipt by email for that
so finally we can get started on the real fun stuff the setting up our website as fast as possible using the best tools and spending the least amount of money you