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iPage Hosting Review – Setup, Features, Coupons, and More

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hey everyone it’s Jeremy from best cheap web hosting that reviews and what we’ll go through in this video is a little bit about the hosting company I page and you can see here we’re actually logged into one of our accounts here and once you get set up there’s a variety of coupons and specials they have going on at almost any given time and we have all those listed on our website you can check those out for any active ones but once you get
going and get set up you basically sign up and another cool thing I page usually has going on is they have a free domain with the purchase of a hosting account so if you are just getting started and don’t have your domain name set up yet you can actually sign up with iPage and get a free domain name with your hosting account which is pretty cool and the other cool thing about iPage is they have great support you can go into the support area at
any time create a new ticket and they’ll get back to you pretty quickly with that otherwise you can go into the show me how area if you just click on that and you can go through the various steps for a new user whether you’re having trouble with getting your website up and running managing your website address setting up your email all this type of stuff and you can go through all of these individually and look and get help from them for each and
every single step which is an awesome support and knowledge base section for you now if you’re a little bit more advanced you probably don’t need to go through all those steps what you can do is just go into domain central here if you click on this and you go in there you can add additional domains to your account if you have the account settings to do so there’s various tiers of posting accounts you can get with I page here and likewise you can
see here a lot of the other quick features and favorites that we’ve used things like mail central to set up new email accounts and then you can create the account manage the account set up forwarding if you need to all of that type of stuff WordPress you can quickly and easily set up WordPress websites here with one-click install it automatically adds plugins and that type of and then you can go in and manage your WordPress accounts from the
actual website that you’re setting up as well and then some of the other cool features if you are interested in using other content management systems you could use things like Weebly you can use the goMobi site builder and you can manage all of the other scripts and and various aspects here through this iPage panel and then additionally one of the other features that a lot of web hosting companies have now including I page is the Mojo
marketplace and this has and provides you with the ability to do one click WordPress installs and also allows you to look through and purchase WordPress themes from there as well if you’re interested and it’s always optional they make it seem like you have to purchase a theme although there’s a little small text usually that says no thanks I’m I’m a web designer or I design my own you can just click that and move through to the next section and
find your own theme or use your own theme or hire someone else to to build you a theme if you don’t want to use one of those however a lot of the themes are in the 30 to $60 range which is very affordable for a very nice looking professional website theme or designed so definitely an option there if that’s something you want to do and if not like I said just make sure to read the small small font and skip through so that you can manage the theme
and the design on your own and then one last thing that a lot of the iPage hosting accounts have and provide for you would be one of the things I talk about is reliability and uptime which a lot of hosting companies do and then a lot of their accounts also have unlimited disk space unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email accounts you can set up as well and again a lot of those things are managed specifically by the account type you sign up with
so be sure to check through all of those specific details when you’re getting your account set up so you know exactly what you’re getting and then lastly again as I mentioned before be sure to check for coupons and discounts a lot of hosting companies like I page have coupons available at time and you can check those again at our website at best cheap web hosting dot reviews will have any of the updated coupons and discounts there for you to
check out so I hope this review was helpful I hope this showed you a little bit about how to set up websites and how to get going in.i page and if you have any other questions feel free to contact us on our website we’ll be happy to help you out and see if we can help you get going with iPage if that’s what you’re looking to do thanks have a great day