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iPage Hosting Review – Cheap Doesn’t Mean It’s Worth It!

iPage’s prices are attractive at first glance. But the more you look into it, the more you should consider your options. Let’s see who it’s good for in this review.

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intrigued by I pages prices don’t jump the gun yet let’s see what you get for your money with this hosting service welcome to where we find the best hosting services for your website and help you launch it I page hosts around 1 million websites worldwide and it’s owned by the mega conglomerate ew g also home of Bluehost and Hostgator spoiler I’m not usually a big fan of these services but before I get ahead of myself
let’s start looking at the prices one thing to love about iPage there’s just one price plan the only choice you get is how long you sign up for just make sure you keep an eye on the renewal prices as they’re much more expensive than the first term they will also pre select the longest deal by default and try to sell you tons of add-ons but regardless of the duration of your contract you get the same unlimited perks however another word of warning
unlimited with I page actually means almost unlimited for instance with storage there is a maximum number of files you can host with databases they can’t be larger than 3 gigabytes and email accounts can’t be larger than 500 megabytes or hold more than 10,000 emails still pretty generous but it does feel a bit misleading when it comes to ease of use I’m pretty happy with I page the modern panel looks clean and well designed which is a big
improvement over their old dashboard but in terms of features I find it a bit lacking for instance the back end doesn’t have as many one-click installations as competitors for CMS like Joomla or Drupal in fact you only have installation scripts for WordPress the worst offender is without a doubt the absence of free backups this is because like with all eajy products they’re trying to sell you features as extras so add a few dollars a month to
your budget if you want a backup solution or be prepared to use regular FTP to download copies of your webs manually this is what their support team recommended I do to save the contents of my website on the flip side you can indeed install WordPress in a few clicks only but be careful they’ll try to steer you towards a more expensive WordPress optimized hosting service sneaky security with I pages another area that could give you pause while
they do offer free SSL there is no SSH or secure FTP also their PHP goes up to seven point three but my new account was pre-configured with the old PHP 5.5 which is a no-go for me and when I asked their support about two-factor authentication at login they said it wasn’t there because it’s too complex for most users but of course it all starts to make sense when you realize that there is a security add-on to purchase it’s called site lock and
starts at around four dollars a month for malware scans and web apps firewall amongst others ok I pages features in security are pretty poor but at least their servers are fast and reliable right turns out not so much in my independent tests I found that their uptime which should be as close to 100% as possible was one of the worst of all providers I page sites were live less than 99.9 percent of the time far behind the standard 99.95% mark even
worse I page was the slowest of all the providers I tested which could really hurt your user experience and SEO sadly they only offer servers in the u.s. so if your projects audience is mainly outside North America the speed could be even slower in terms of support you do have the option to use chat or phone but not emails I always received answers to my questions but they sometimes took a while and often recommend it using a paid add-on as a
solution no thanks in conclusion you can see I find it hard to recommend I page to anyone the only positive I can think of is the cheap first term but you have to keep an eye on renewal rates and competitors like dream host are in the same price range with much better performance and features as for the cons it’s pretty much all the rest you’re missing a lot of features that come bundled with other providers plans like 1-click installs and SSH
the backups as add-ons are particularly offensive to me as it should be something everyone gets included with a paid service and worst of all you’re not getting a good hosting speed and uptime which could hurt your business in many ways still interested in trying I page let us know why in the comments or don’t forget to check out our detailed review on our website