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iPage Hosting Review (2021) ❇️ Speed Test, Live Demo & My Honest Web Host Recommendation

Are you looking for a cheap web hosting provider with a nice user interface? Well, in this iPage hosting review, I’m going to go through everything that you need to know about iPage Hosting to decide if they are the right hosting provider for you.

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I’m not going to waste your time with fluff content. Instead, I’m going to provide you value with the most important results from my live test like their page load speed, uptime and customer support quality.

I will also provide you with a live demo so you essentially get to test out iPage Hosting without having to purchase it yourself.

And lastly, I will provide you with my honest recommendation on if or who should buy iPage Hosting.

00:00 – Overview & Bonus
01:01 – After Purchase Setup & Ease Of Use For iPage Hosting
03:03 – iPage’s Speed & Uptime Performance Tests
05:42 – Customer Support Rating
08:08 – Pricing Options For iPage Hosting Shared Hosting Plans
11:28 – iPage’s Honest Recommendation

🎥 iPage Hosting Review [2021] 🔥 Best Web Hosting Provider? (Live Demo, Speed Test & Recommendation) ►
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🎥 iPage Hosting Review (2021) ❇️ Speed Test, Live Demo & My Honest Web Host Recommendation ►

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Are you looking for a cheap hosting provider  with a nice user interface? In this iPage   hosting review I’m going to show you everything  that you need to know about iPage so that you can   make an informed decision on whether they are the  right hosting provider for you. I’m not going to   waste your time with fluff content instead i’m  going to provide you value by showing you the   most important results from my live tests
like  the page load speed uptime and customer support   quality i’ll also provide you with a live demo  so you essentially get to test out ipage without   having to purchase it for yourself and lastly i  will provide you with my honest recommendations   on if or who should purchase ipage i also have  a special offer for you if you decide to pick up   ipage through my special discount of link in the  description below i also have a
free checklist on   starting a successful blog for everyone so stick  with me to the end and i’ll show you how to get   access to this bonus now let’s get straight into  this review after purchase setup and ease of use   right away from their home page you can see  it looks very easy to navigate with their   custom interface compared to the cpanel that a  lot of other hosting providers use the design   is also very clean and simple
looking here around  the left side of the panel are all the different   things that you can do like access your wordpress  website or access your email account and even your   security and domain and name servers now let’s see  how easy it is to install and create our wordpress   website and to do that from our dashboard we click  on wordpress click on get started use existing   plan type in your site title put in your email 
username and password make sure you don’t use   admin in your username as this will make it easier  for hackers to get into your website now click on   install wordpress and you can see the wordpress  installation process was very simple i believe   it’s more intuitive than on the cpanel and how  about installing an ssl certificate all you have   to do is click this one button let’s encrypt turn  that on and that’s it now your ssl
certificate is   activated it’s that simple but just a quick note  to be careful of on ipage and the upsell is if you   click on ssl certificate here this will take you  to the paid option where they try and make you pay   three dollars per month for the ssl certificate so  just so you’re aware don’t go this option the next   thing i’ll show you is creating an email account  so this one i didn’t like so much because the   top two
options under email management is g suite  and microsoft 365 which are paid options they’ve   hidden the standard options down below once you’ve  found it it’s very easy to create your email   account you just click on the plus button fill  out your name and password and now just click on   create mailbox and that’s it very straightforward  and easy to do overall i would score ipage and 8   out of 10 for setup and ease of use i really
like  that they have a super clean looking interface   with custom shortcut buttons to install and create  things instead of having to go to cpanel all the   time i did take two marks away from them because  they don’t guide you well when installing your   ssl certificates or creating your email accounts  they tend to mislead you into their upsell a bit   too much speed and uptime performance tests so  after i have installed the
basic wordpress site   i went ahead and tested out the speed of the bare  bones website using gt metrics and the result is   2.4 seconds this is not really a great start for  ipage the speed is very slow right out of the gate   i always expect barebone websites to be around  the one second mark so ipage is a fair way off   here but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt  here and laser in more on the next test so now i   will take
it a step further and add some design  elements to it to increase the page size and don’t   worry if you are overwhelmed looking at this my  course that i will provide you for supporting the   channel will guide you through this step by step  i’m also going to install some free plugins to   speed up the website wp fastest cache which is for  the speed optimization and short pixel which is   for image optimization and lastly i will
install  the free cloud flare app which will also increase   the website performance with their cdn for free  this will make it more comparable to what you   would do in real life just a quick note here after  halfway through installing my astra theme my ipage   wordpress account froze this ended up being due to  the limit that was placed on my account from ipage   i must say it’s really disappointing as this is  the first time that
something like this has ever   happened to me they did increase the storage  for me but told me that if it exceeds again   then they recommend me to upgrade so i was  definitely not happy with that as i’ve only   installed one theme on one website and that is it  but they promise an unlimited number of websites   this is now what the new website layout with all  the new plugins look like and the speed is now 3.5   seconds which is
just way too slow compared to  the top performing hosting providers in my test   and they also failed google’s recommended site  load speed of 3 seconds or so now i have been   monitoring the stability performance of ipage with  uptime robot and can report that their uptime for   the last 30 days is a perfect 100 in fact they  have not had any downtime for over 57 days in   a row which is very impressive overall i would  rate ipage’s
speed and uptime performance a 6   out of 10. their speed just wasn’t fast enough so  i had to deduct a lot of points there other shared   hosting providers can give you speed performance  twice as fast as ipage on the positive side though   they are a very reliable host and their uptime  was perfect so i cannot fault them on that part   here’s a quick question for you here’s a quick  question for you do you think ipage’s page
load   speed of 3.3 seconds is faster or slower than you  expected let me know in the comments section below   support ipage provides 24 7 customer support  through email live chat and phone calls i would   test them out by asking them these three different  questions on live chat one i would tell them that   i have been infected by a virus on my website  and asked for their help two i asked them a quick   question about their
domain name renewal cost and  three i asked them if they could do me a favor and   install an ssl certificate and cloudflare for me  as i am a complete newbie and have no idea how to   do this here are the results one i wasn’t really  happy with their service here they tried not to   help me scan my website for malware as i had to  ask them three times and then they were not able   to help me resolve it on live chat they had to 
instead create a support ticket which took hours   to respond with a report in the end they also  tried to upsell me at the end of the conversation   which was also very disappointing two this was  done very well and they answered all my questions   about domain name costs in one go clearly  and everything took less than five minutes   and three the support staff was willing to help  me to a certain extent they did try a few times  
for me to contact either namecheap or cloudflare  instead of just helping me and guiding me also   they were confused and told me to install extra  ssl plugins at the end which was not required on   my brand new website they didn’t do a good job  on this one with regards to their response time   i contacted them at three different times of  the day to make sure i get an overall average   and not just a bias fast response time during 
their off-peak hours so the three times were five   seconds two seconds and one second the average  of those three times turns out to be three second   weight which is definitely the fastest out of  all hosting providers i have tested out so far   amazing response time here overall i would have  to score i page’s support a five out of ten   support overall was average their support staff’s  knowledge and willingness to help was pretty
bad   they tried to upsell me at the end of a  conversation too which was really not good   they should be spending time trying to help me  instead of selling to me the only reason i still   gave them a pass mark overall was because their  response time was the fastest i have ever tested   at an average of 3 seconds they are a second  to none do you like the level of detail i’m   providing you in my review so far if so make sure 
to let me know by liking my video and subscribe to   my channel so you don’t miss out on more quality  content that i will be releasing every single week   pricing options click on the link in the  description or type this into your browser it will   take you to my special ipage discount page where  you will get the best discount ipage is currently   offering i will be looking at ipage’s standard web  hosting plan in this review now
you can see here   ipage’s plan is very simple there is just one plan  only it’s called the go plan and it costs you only   1.99 per month and in general it’s really really  cheap as you’re getting unlimited websites for   this plan where normally hosting providers only  give you one website on their cheapest plan which   is around two to three dollars but ipage is giving  you unlimited websites so that’s a good start some   of the
things that i think ipage is lacking  in their plan is they don’t provide you with   free daily automatic backup which is something i  expect every hosting provider to give for free as   it is a standard feature nowadays the second thing  i believe they’re missing is the custom cache   plugin to improve the speed performance of your  website this is also missing but for this price   and unlimited websites you can’t complain  too much
now the next thing to talk about   is the billing period ipage offers 12 months 24  months and 36 months plans so you can see here   the longer you buy the cheaper it gets as it’s  only 1.99 per month if you purchase it for three   years but it’s going to go up to 2.99 per month if  you only purchase it for one year so what i always   recommend you do and what i always do myself is  i purchase the longest plan possible as this
will   save you the most money because when it comes time  to renew it’s going to be at full price so you’ll   lose money there and ipage has a 30-day money-back  guarantee so now i would choose their go plan   for this tutorial to test them out the next  thing regarding pricing is ipages domain costs   it is very expensive and i don’t think you should  purchase it from here even though you get the free   domain name for the first
year it’s going to cost  you 17.99 per year for renewal after that plus   another 9.99 for domain privacy so that’s about  28 dollars in total whereas specialist domain   companies like namecheap which i use myself will  only set you back 13 per year so that’s less than   half price of ipage so the overall pricing score  i would give ipage is an 8 out of 10. they are a   cheap hosting provider starting at just 1.99 per  month for
multiple websites they do provide you   with enough basic features to get started however  i didn’t like the fact that they charge so much   for the domain name but at least they offer you  one year for free so that’s not too bad i did take   one mark off them as they don’t offer automatic  daily backups on all their plan for free i believe   this feature is very important and should come as  standard on all hosting plan nowadays
instead of   paying a dollar per month extra for it like with  ipage i also took another mark off them for not   having a custom caching plugin like a2 hosting  or siteground does this feature would further   increase the speed performance of your website  but is missing with ipage here this is a quick   note regarding my bonus offer to you if you decide  to pick up ipage through my link then just send me   your receipt to bonus dot
com dollar and i’ll  send you back access to my course right away   it’s that easy and if you want my free checklist  on starting a successful blog then go to the link   in the description below to get access to that  recommendation overall i have given ipage an   average score of 6.5 out of 10. they have a  decent price with a clean and easy to navigate   user interface so this is my recommendation for  you whether you’re a beginner
or advanced user   looking for a cheap hosting provider with a  customized user interface and don’t care so   much about performance then i believe ipage can be  considered however if speed performance matters to   you at all then i don’t think ipage is the right  option for you now i think picking the right   hosting provider is such a crucial step for your  business so getting it right is very important   so if after watching this
review video you think  ipage is not the right hosting provider for you   then i recommend you check out this hosting  alternative which i know will do the job for   you but if you’re happy with ipage then go to  this next video and i’ll see you over there you