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ipage hosting package – the essential

ipage hosting package – the essential
More info:
iPage Monthly Discount: $4.25/mo

You can activate a small discount when you buy 2 years of hosting at $4.25/month, billed in 1 installment of $102. Three years of hosting is also $4.25/month billed in 1 installment of $153.

The most popular choice is two years because of the discount, plus the SEO benefit of having your domain name registered for more than one year. It shows Google, Bing, and Yahoo that you aren’t fly by night or a spammer. Google especially cares about domain registration length. I have WebHostingBreak registered for the next few years.

For more SEO optimization on iPage, I recommend using WordPress 1-click setup and following our popular guide to Ultimate WordPress Setup on iPage.

alright now let’s set up your new I page hosting account the goal here is going to be to get your website up quickly and easily so let’s get started I’m gonna give you a quick overview first obviously I’m going to go through the signup process but it’s ridiculously easy and there’s almost no reason to cover it except that I wanted to show you some stuff that could save you some money so we’re gonna go through options to choose when setting up
your account and which upgrades you don’t need and I’m sure about that which upgrades you know one or two that you might be able to use and you might need and then some special tips for you after you sign up so the result your site’s up fast and easy so let’s get started just click the button below to visit I page and we’ll go from there so you probably got a great domain name in mind as you went through our exercise on how to choose a great
domain name over at I page-turning comm so we’re gonna go ahead and click sign up now and proceed to the registration form and here where it says select your domain in my case I’m going to do transfer an existing domain and one note there you don’t have to transfer it all you got to do is change your name servers 2.2 NS 1 iPage comm and NS Todai page comm but don’t even feel like you have to remember that right now because I’m gonna show you all
that later it’s gonna be super easy so from I mean probably for your example you’re gonna want to register a new domain which is free with all their plans right now which is awesome and then in my case this time I’m gonna do i paged training demo com I registered that over at the Registrar I have a reseller account at called UNAM don’t bother with them unless you got a reseller account that’s all I gotta say cuz I found out the domains cost like
30 something dollars for the public and that’s ridiculous you should only pay around ten bucks for a domain or free like it is with I page so let’s click continue all right as we can see it’s a step to entering billing information I’m gonna go ahead and pause that and enter mind and if I have to blur it out later so nobody can see my secret stuff let’s see anything to note on this page I don’t think so just says I page training demo com will be
live on my page in just a few minutes and so let’s make that happen I’ll see in a second after I fill this up oh wait um yeah actually they just lowered their price a little bit that’s cool used to be 550 a month for 12 months and then 45420 for 36 months now it’s just 450 for 12 months and for 25 a little bit less for 24 and 36 months but one thing you know that’s cool and all and well I’m all for saving money you know on this for 25 for the 24
and 36 months but I just in my personal opinion I don’t see any reason to to get three years of hosting in advance you know cuz you never know what’s gonna happen your site could start making enough money to get dedicated hosting or VPS hosting and if you need it you know like if you’re doing you know 2,000 5,000 10,000 visitors a day or something that’s a lot of people coming to your site you might you know if you’re making enough money you
should probably upgrade to do a dedicated hosting or something so that you can be sure it’s delivering it at the maximum speed shared hosting like this yeah I page is one of the fastest shared hosting companies around but shared hosting is what it is and it’s designed to help people start their first website or start their first few websites get that off the ground and grow it into something that you know you can scale bigger so in my mind a good
investment would be one year or two years me personally I just tend to stick with one year so with that said the money-back guarantee is anytime so like let’s say you get 36 months she for some reason you want to buy three years elicit two years okay let’s say you got two years of hosting and then after one and a half years you suddenly you know you you get all this press exposure and stuff and you start getting thousands of visitors to your site
and you start making a lot of money from it whatever and it’s time to upgrade so you decide you’re gonna move your site to a dedicated hosting company or VPS or cloud or whatever and you wanna get a refund for the remainder of your I page hosting that you paid for that’s no problem all you got to do is hit them up give them a call or email them and they’ll give you you know the amount back that you haven’t used yet so whatever amount let’s say I
have 24 months you used oh my my calendar math is bad so let’s say you used 18 months out of the 24 okay they would give you six months worth of your money back so it’s just there’s nothing to worry about so that’s something I really like about them and it’s easy to to talk to them and deal with the billing department too so and also there’s the marketing credits at school stuff I don’t really care about any of it except for the Facebook
advertising and Google advertising credits because those are my two favorite platforms to advertise on and we’re gonna be doing a lot of training and stuff on how to use Facebook ads and Google AdWords to boost traffic to your site deliver sales and stuff like that because those are my two favorites they also have the best traffic instant activation and setup fee you see right here that’s pretty standard stuff but I mean they gotta put that in
there in case people wonder and finally here prevent identity theft and secure your data you only really need that if it’s gonna be like you’re taking credit card payments like you know you want basically if you’re taking credit card payments okay so if you’re not you can go ahead and uncheck that and if you do plan on taking payments you probably need that because that’s an ssl certificate so I mean you feel free to look at this other stuff
you’re welcome to add it to your card if you want but my personal experience in my personal opinion is you don’t need any of it except for automate your site backup yeah I learned the hard way just from messing up my sites and not having a backup because I was like well I don’t need it yet I almost get some time so I definitely recommend this you know the automated site backup so I got two years let’s say my style is to get one year so total is
gonna be sixty six ninety five and if you got one year and you got the automated site backup so anyway let’s go ahead and click checkout proceed so since I value your time we could have skipped the order confirmation page and we’re gonna go straight to the next video with the control panel and getting your website started but I do want you to know that you’ll receive an email for my page with your username and password and all the account
information that you need to manage your account billing and just you know keep it for your records so that’s all taken care of and let’s move on to the next step see you there