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iPage Hosting -Control Panel Tutorial & Overview


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everyone this is host examiner calm and this is a overview tutorial of iPage web hosting control panel I’m gonna demonstrate this in FatCow hosting but it’s the same exact thing don’t let it confuse you it’s iPage just using FatCow and this is like a part two if you haven’t seen part one of iPage hosting introduction the link is right here to watch that so let’s go ahead and get started assuming you already have your account as I showed in
part one so we’re gonna go ahead and login and here’s what the control panel looks like it’s fully loaded with lots of features most you will never use most you might not even need but they provide everything here so you have the option so let’s go ahead and get started I’m not gonna go too in depth on everything just a quick little overview some things are complicated some are not important so dot htaccess editor you’re probably not going to be
needing this this is like a file directory that controls how your website is accessed you can block IP addresses decide what air pages look like redirect them stuff like that except safe as a credit card system to accept credit cards on your side if you’re doing a shopping ecommerce site so it’ll be secure and safe I’m gonna skip this stuff this is just like files CGI and scripted language support it’s mostly stuff you probably won’t need but
you’re gonna like check error logs have information sent to your email addresses some PHP scripting disk usage just shows you how much disk use that you’ve used even though it’s unlimited you can at least see how much you have used so far FTP not gonna go into that that’s really complicated if you’re not familiar with it at all it’s fire file transfer protocol you basically can use like a third-party program like FileZilla that allows you to
upload files onto your server from your computer without having to log into your fat count control panel it’s basically a lot faster a lot easier to manage if you have big files it’s also great for downloading exporting files I will have a separate video on that which will be right here if you want to go ahead and see that you can click the link file manager basically shows you all the files of your server your whole hosting account WordPress
whatever type of sites you have will be in here so you can completely control it all from there if you want to delete stuff or we edit it Google services just stuff like for search engine Adsense some traffic control stuff that helps you with your rankings on Google here’s server information but most of that is right here on the right on this list shopsite smarter again that’s like a except safe it allows you to create a shopping site so you can
set up an online store if you want site enhancer allows you to add like meta tags which is good for search engines you can make a survey for your site couple two basic things that our visitor statistics you can see how many people have been visiting your site and you can have them email to you weekly monthly or never if you want the stats to be tracked you enough to I think choose daily right now have it on never an unsaved website creator this
is a way to build a website I personally recommend WordPress which I will have a separate video we’ll get to that in a second this is a way you can set up a template for your website to get started really easily another website builder here we Weebly drag-and-drop builder it’s really easier you just obviously drag and drop it’s not as complicated as other forms so then there’s WordPress another one is the one I’d recommend you can upload any
WordPress themes I’m gonna have an entire video on WordPress so if you want to know how to install WordPress and set up your website using a wordpress theme which is what I’d recommend just go ahead just go ahead and click that link there on the video WordPress themes by template monster this is some themes you can use it’s basically shopping for themes there’s lots of free ones but these ones cost money but there’s plenty of good decent free
ones another site builder here except this is actually a mobile site builder so it does cost money so again like I said a lot of these things you probably won’t use but it’s $2.99 a month and it converts your site into like a mobile version so people can see it on their iPhone and iPad which is good because more and more people use mobile devices and then here’s all the email stuff setting up an email and I’m gonna have an entire video on how to
set up your own email addresses so you can click that link there if you want to see that this is just going to be an overview as I said but you would click mail central and you can also access it with webmail set up autoresponders here it’s and filled their newsletter management let’s go down to the domain domain central let’s click this shows you my current domain outdoors Steve blogs com that was the free domain I got with fatcow those fact how
hosting comes with a free domain and it expires one year from now January 14th and I can renew it I could add privacy which I’d recommend but it’s up to you so let’s go back you can register a new domain you can transfer a domain and if you want to know how to transfer a domain with FatCow I have a video on that too you can click the link cache e-commerce another ecommerce like tool that you pay for and turn your site into a shopping website
Constant Contact is a email newsletter subscription a company you collect you know email addresses and you’re sending out newsletters this cost – it’s a separate company Constant Contact email subscription basically Facebook credit you get a free toll free number but there is a there says no monthly fees but you get a limit of 100 months per minute and then I think after that you’d have to pay per minute so even though it’s not monthly it does
it’s not necessarily completely free Google AdWords Google Webmaster Tools same stuff as up here Google services for website down here account renewal let’s see billing central we can click this and it shows the amount I just pay for my hosting plan recently and then you can change your account info here accounting newel let’s go ahead and click this so you can set it up to auto renew your hosting account it will just charge your credit card or
as long as your billing information is accurate or do not renew my hosting you can choose that and so that’s about it for the basic overview all these server basic information is here on the right a website IP your name servers stuff will be important if you want to use an FTP program to access as I said File Transfer Protocol there’ll be a video on that you’ll need some of this information here to do that the port it uses and up here is just
some of the shortcuts to the stuff in the control panel same stuff just shortcuts and that’s about it if you want other tutorials on fat cow lbs and in this video you can go ahead and click any them check them out and feel free to ask us any questions on our contact form on post