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iPage FAQs

Answering the FAQs customers often ask with iPage hosting.

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hey this is yi from web posting break and today for a page training I’m going to attack with some of the most frequently asked questions people have when they’re looking to host with a page hopefully I’ll clear up some questions you might have to okay let’s start with the question that seems pretty straightforward yet I get asked all the time does I page work on a mac well to answer it simply yes I page is compatible with windows and also Mac
OS there are some rouser and system specifications when using site deluxe and drag and drop site builder for windows make sure you’re using Windows 2000 or higher and with a minimum screen resolution of 800 x 600 now on a Mac make sure you’re operating on OS X 10.4 or higher in both cases ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of your browser’s next question is does I page charge for this site builder now when you purchase an ipad for
central hosting plan for just 450 a month you’re given heaps of option to customize your site include it in the price is a drag and drop site builder which is absolutely free to use you can even choose from a range of templates to use as well now all this comes for free in your hosting plan now people often ask is I page SEO friendly now before I tackle this question I want to just go through what SEO means now SEO stands for search engine
optimization it simply means getting the presence of your site notice by search engines like yahoo and google it can be a long and complicated process but I page makes it easy ok i’m actually on the I page front page and as you can see after signing up to a plan you’re given a marketing suite to the value of 275 dollars for free so when you sign up to the 450 a month which is the essential plan you’re given over 450 worth of extras which $275
worse goes towards for example Google Adwords Yahoo Facebook credit and also yellow pages calm listing as well so this is great if you have a small business or site you wish to promote and actually gain more exposure through online marketing now if you’re more serious about your online marketing activities or if you have a prominent website or business there you really want to grow and drive traffic to then you might like to try the SEO campaign
plan which is offered through I page now for ninety nine dollars per month you’re actually a given SEO expert who will actually do all the work for you such as writing linking and also reporting so again if you sign up to an essential hosting plan with a page for ninety nine dollars per month extra you can actually get the whole package and so definitely this will improve your site your traffic and potentially get your new customers as well now
here’s the question we often get asked can I have more than one dirname name for my site now you might want to know why you want to have more than one doe name directing to your website well this isn’t Lee because for SEO reasons as well for example let’s say my domain name is I love chocolates calm I might also want to direct these to my websites to such as I love chocolates calm day you I love chocolates org and so on so instead of having five
to six different websites with different domain names I can actually just have one website created and have six seven or ten or even 50 different their name names directed to this one site now these other domains are actually called subdomains so if you wanted to have a service by a I page it’s actually quite affordable as well so I’m simply on the subdomains page which is accessed via products and services so if I wanted to have five subdomains
directed to my website it’s only going to cost me five dollars extra per month for ten subdomains it’s ten dollars extra per month and for unlimited subdomains it’s only going to cost me twenty-five dollars a month new customers often asked what the activation time for new I page account is while activation with a page is instant unlike some web hosts which might make you jump through hoops to active nougat account such as a phone or e-mail
verification and making you wait for a long time however with iPad your account is activated immediately after your payment is received so once you receive your login details via email you can begin creating your website instantly saving you the hassle and the time of waiting around people often ask does I page put any ads on my website well firstly I page will not put up any unsolicited ads on your site at all now i’m actually on the I page
community directory and this is a great way to get a feel of what kind of templates or websites you can build now over here is the listing of everyone or customers or by page who have used their hosting to create their own website so you can actually browse through it and get a feel even get ideas as well and you can see that there won’t be any unsolicited ads in the website ok that’s it for me today if you have any more questions about I page
hosting you can actually contact them by the 24 7 customer support so if you have any other I guess areas or any other suggestions for topics you want us to cover regarding I page then let us know below thanks