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ipage Email Setup Tutorial iOS devices

Please make sure you login to your ipage dashboard and create your email account and password.

Go to Settings – Mail – Add Account.

Select Other.

Tap Add Mail Account.

Enter the following settings when prompted:

Name: Your name (example: John Smith)

Email: (Enter your email here)

Password: Your email password

Description: IMAP account

Account Type: IMAP

Incoming Mail Server
Host Name (Incoming):
Username: (Enter your email here)
Password: Your email password
Port (Incoming): 993

Outgoing Mail Server
Host Name (Outgoing):
Username: (Enter your email here)
Password: Your email password
Port (Outgoing): 465

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hi there this is going to be a quick video on how to set up your I page email address on your iPad or iPhone please make sure before you start this step you have an email address set up with the I page dashboard if you haven’t please visit your dashboard first create an email address all you need for the specific step to set up the email address on your iPad or iPhone is the email address that you have created and the password that you have
linked with it so for that the first thing we want to do is we want to go on settings and once you’re in settings you want to look for an option if you scroll down it should be passwords and account now if you’re using an iPhone you might have to scroll a bit over here I don’t have to do that much it’s already here now you can click on Add Account over here once you’re here click on other option and click Add mail account here the name would be
your name or your business name I’m just going to enter monarch over here just for reference purposes I have created a demo email address that I’m going to be using in this example for you you have to enter your email address that you created with iPage same way for the password the password is going to be the same one that you used to create this email address so please make sure you remember your email address and password if they don’t match
you won’t be able to go ahead with this step once that information has been entered hit next make sure you are you have IMAP on over here or IMAP is highlighted go down now you can see that the hostname username and the hostname username and password options are blank right now so we have to fill that up for the incoming mail server the host name would be ale sever its SMTP dot type age comm the username is again going to be your
email address and the password is going to be your email address password once you’ve entered this information so basically the incoming for the incoming new server the hostname the username and for the outgoing mail server hostname username and password hit next and the system is going to try and verify this information for you once the information entered is verified you will get on this kind of a page make sure the mail option is checked so
that the system can access the meals for this email account and hit save once the email address have been saved go back to your mails and you should see your email account over here and we can see that we already have one email over here this was from my previous test now if you want to recheck the information and see if the meal is waiting is setting sending out and I received from your end what you can do is you can compose an email to yourself
so that way we can check that the outgoing mail server works the outgoing mail server is basically a system that sends an email from your device to whoever wants to receive it or whoever you want to send it and the incoming mail server basically is a system that actually receives the email from your hosting or from your email address or your online email address to your device so let’s just compose an email and we going to be sending it to us
itself I’m just simply writing it test 2 hits sin and we can see that it was actually successfully sent so which means that the email did go out perfectly and now let’s just refresh and here we have over test2 coming in so this is a very short video if you’re having some issues with the email setup please let me know in the comments below or you can send me an email directly at my email address which is monarch at MW and I should be
able to help you out with your issues thanks for watching this video have a good day