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I recently took on hosting at and highly recommend getting hosting in the next couple of days while its at $1.00 per month. This is an honest review of the services provided and if you find the review useful please recommend me on with my user name “bpo24hourcom” as how you found out about the hosting.

hi it’s matt here just what I talk to you today about I page my say I pages I page calm for web hosting I changing hosts at the moment from my dedicated server to take it on some multiple shared account to split up some of my science but also i’m reducing the number of websites that i have finding people to maintain they’ll have a spare time anymore but what i wanted to say was though I page is only doing hosting from a dollar a month at
moment if you go for the two-year package that’s unlimited web space on the mid hosting I mean domains but if there’s always limitations so I checked their policies to see where you can actually hit their limits because there are limits in unlimited we never make it quite clear where the limits are and so we actually HIPAA I know with Hostgator it i knows and mysql database is because a work with hostgator previously and now i’m trying i page
calm moving off my current hosting package so what can I tell you about I paid well the first thing is they don’t use a standard cpanel setup which for me it’s a bit more complicated i’d like to be doing but everything’s there is just not where you expect it to be so it just takes a bit of moving around to put everything where you want it but their supports pretty good if you are not in a rush send them an email but in one a response in the next
like hour i recommend going on the web chat because I know the emails are sent it took like several hours to respond but on the web chat normally takes about 10 to 20 minutes to get a response out of it but once I got hold it up they do everything on so depending how critical is to you i would say use their support in a considerate manner you know of it it really needs to be done now i would go on the web chat but it is something you’re not going
to sort out till tomorrow morning i’d recommend doing it on the email chat it also keeps a record of the solution that you found but yes at the dollar dollar a month you can totally grumble that i’m moving about 10 sites on to it and i’m going to give it a go but so far i’ve had no problems with them some of the technical stuff that I’ve asked host previously to help me with they normally fix it but won’t tell you what they did but so far
everything I’ve asked for word from I page the gum fruit said that this is what we did or this is how you do that they’re not grumbling about comp about me asking for access information the reason i asked for the the technical information by the way is a i understand it but be i have multiple sides so it may not be relevant to the Malian sorry they may not see the relevance to be asking the question of how they do it initially until I asked them
10 times for 10 different sites so the point is if i understand it it makes it easier for everybody else as well that need less technical support but so far it so it’s okay there’s just one little glitch to do one of the domains of a fishing at the moment mainly how it’s being registered on to decide i’m not sure if they understand fully my question to the tennis court goes to india it does only emails and the web chat but i think they’re like
telephone calls actually go to a u.s. call center not a hundred percent sure i have been told it feel it does but we’re waiting to see hopefully any back to call it don’t even be better but yeah the reason I wanted to do a quick video is the fact is it’s a dirt cheap package but if you can just recommend me on there because I’ll get a referral fee but at the same time why not it’s your if you got if you’re looking at getting web hosting for a
single side this is cheap when you get elsewhere and it’s I think the deals only for the next couple of days then they’ll be taking it off again the probably somewhat our deal twenty-five percent off for christmas or whatever i’m not sure but i know this at a dollar a day a dollar huh i can’t i can’t grumble at it even it was just running one website for the next two years so i just wanted to share that and also the deceit panel in space is
pretty good as sorry doug has no Syrian panel interface the interface it has is pretty good everything’s there there’s probably why they might stick reduce the costs in one way because the licensing will see kind of it can can be quite expensive for different accounts but everything’s there the mysql databases the were impressed whatever you know everything is already there like everything else you find this exam it’s just not where you expect it
to be if you’re used to use in c town but within an hour that’s pretty familiar where everything laws I needed and I go to get the site up and running also I got the direct route to the work this site not calm because I’m testing the sites before I changed my name servers and everything’s uploaded and worked first time no glitches seem pretty fast and looking forward to having no horrible nightmares that I have experienced with some my previous
hosting so yeah I just wanted to say if i paid the shell and recommend getting in while while it’s cheap okay thank you