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hi it's Jen here to talk to you about staging on dream press making changes to a wordpress site can be scary especially people are already browsing it online but the good news is you can avoid all the stress of guessing if things are going to work with a staging site a staging site is an exact copy of your live site except your visitors will never have access to it this gives you a safe space to try new themes or plugins test updates and literally any other changes that could potentially put your site at risk it's included with every dream press plan and you could set it up with just one click from there you can test anything you'd like in a secure password-protected environment and once you're confident with your changes you can simply add them to your live production site for all your visitors to see we even create a backup of your live site before the merge for additional peace of mind what dream press staging you'll have the confidence and freedom to create the ultimate experience for your visitors you .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]One-click Staging for WordPress is now available with EVERY new DreamPress plan! Staging allows you to safely test changes to your website before you roll them out to visitors. Never worry about breaking your site again!
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