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InterServer Web Hosting Vs. SiteGround, HostGator, GoDaddy, BlueHost

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InterServer clearly towers over competitors like SiteGround, HostGator, GoDaddy, and BlueHost, not just in terms of pricing but rather the overall proposition that it offers, ensuring maximum bang for your buck.

Specifically, the advantages in store include least price (most value for money), with most 1 Click Install Applications, Unlimited Domains, and Free Backup.

The managed web hosting plans on offer from InterServer include:

Standard Web Hosting
Managed WordPress, and
ASP.NET Web Hosting

You will find costs across all these three plans to be very reasonable, with a whole host of other features. Among these plans, it is Standard Web Hosting which is most popular and thus highly recommended.

hello in today’s vikram online-based video we are looking at inter server and specifically we are looking at its managed web hosting plan so what we’ll be doing is we’ll be looking a detailed look at its plans and we’ll also be pitting inter servers plans with its competitors starting off with these plans their standard web hosting there’s managed WordPress and this web hosting now what stands out in case of inter server is the pricing
because we typically do not see such low prices for web hosting plans that do with such features for instance there’s unlimited storage across all of these plans as unlimited transfer across all of these plans there are ample websites in fact in this particular plan the standard web hosting plan which is recommended you get unlimited web sites you get unlimited email across all the plans and you get free SSL Certificates in both standard web
hosting and managed WordPress in that regard what we’ve done is C we provided the direct link to this page in the description below this video we encourage you to get on to this page learn more about each of these plans see these links over here so you can simply click on them learn more about these plans which will in turn help you choose the plan in question which meets your requirement the best because once you’ve done your research and are
sure about the plan which meets your requirement the best you can simply click on the Buy Now links over here and then purchase the plan in question beyond that to compare all plans there’s this link again which is provided you can easily compare these plans and here again you’ll be able to make your best choice now in terms of standard features these are features which are there across all of these plans for instance you get free website
migration you get domain registration for as little as one point nine nine dollars then it’s got its own data center which itself is a very big advantage there’s local staff whom you can speak to in a language which you can easily to stand and they can in turn comprehend what you’re saying this quality hardware there’s 24 by 7 support which is critical in this particular industry and there’s guaranteed email the control panel is very easy to use
there are SSD enhance servers as is the SQL offloading server capacity is at only 50% which means there’s a large buffer for your customers websites and then there’s the ski they’re very easily scalable you know so scalability is again something which is critical and then scripts are very easy to install to the extent that they can be done with just one click and ever at all very unlikely but if ever at all you’re not satisfied you can there’s
the 30 day money-back guarantee which you can avail the prices also locked so you know there’s a guarantee on that that once you sign up for a certain price that will remain consistent there’s no there are no sub hidden surprises there are no sudden increases in prices which you obviously will not be happy about further there’s also the advantage of monthly payments being available and see you’re not mandated to pay ahead of time but in case you
do so then you can even enjoy additional discounts as well going forward as far as 1-click installs are concerned there are as many as 381 scripts available for 1-click installs this is again a figure which will not find with other providers in this niche so whether it’s wordpress joomla drupal PrestaShop Magento manbo and many many more 381 and all there are scripts available across all of them with 1-click installs you can simply click on this
link and view all of them going forward some more advantages there’s free migration service programming and development that all these various advantages and now that we’ve covered all of that now let’s look at how inter server fares as far as its competition in this niche is concerned and why it is chosen so much we its competitors now see on a price this is something which we mentioned right up front on the monthly price aspect you practically
find no other major provider bead SiteGround be it hostgator bead GoDaddy bead Bluehost you’ll find that all of them priced themselves higher whether it’s the monthly price or the yearly price each time you’ll end up paying much less with inter server next when it comes to one-click install there’s only inter server which has as many as 381 plus applications the all of the others have much less and then when it comes to unlimited domains and free
back up inter server is the only one which is offering them none of the others beats SiteGround hostgator GoDaddy or Bluehost offers them so therefore when it comes to all of these factors into server clearly rules which is why we are recommending that you go and for inter servers managed web hosting plans as we mentioned the direct link is there in the description of this video you can simply click on that get to the same page yourself standard
web hosting which works out to just five dollars a month is recommended at the same time in case managed WordPress works out for you better or web hosting works out for you better that’s a call which only you can take so that’s something you will be in a better position to decide at the same time as we mentioned do review these learn more links after which you’ll be able to make an intelligent choice in terms of these web hosting plans in
question from Inter server