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InterServer VPS Service

Choose your preferred InterServer VPS Service Package here –

InterServer offers the flexibility of choosing between Linux and Windows Cloud VPS options.

Across each of them, you can in turn choose to enhance your package by opting for more “slices” that will give you greater power in the form of:

* More CPU Cores
* More RAM (Memory)
* More Storage
* More Data Transfer

Further, there are free options in each VPS package that include:

* The ability to easily deploy 100’s of apps on your cloud VPS
* A control panel that is very easy to use
* The ability to only deploy the software you need
* Cloud VPS that is truly very easy
* No additional control panel expenses

Features include:

* High Performance Storage
* 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
* Multiple language Servers
* Instant Provisioning
* Easy Control Panel
* Backups and Snapshots
* Flexible Software Options

The VPS locations themselves are multiple that include:

Secaucus, NJ (eastcoast)
Los Angeles, CA (westcoast), and
Houston, TX (midwestern)

that serve as local options, as well as

London, United Kingdom
Paris, France
Hong Kong, China

that serve as international options.

in today’s victim online based video we are looking at inter servers VPS or virtual private server service and we wholeheartedly recommend the service because is this is easily the best value for money that you can get and in terms of features in terms of pricing in terms of overall the way the packages are designed etcetera everything falls into place perfectly that’s the reason we’ve showcased this in today’s video and also provided the
direct link to this page in the description below this video you can simply click on that get to this page and then choose your preferred VPS package now as you can see there’s both Linux and Windows options and both work out very very cost effective for instance the Linux cloud version works out to six dollars a month and the Windows cloud version works out to ten dollars a month you can easily pick and choose the one which meets your
requirement the best and in terms of see this is something great because in case you need more power you can easily expand or increase the number of components for instance in this particular pricing package we are looking at one core CPU 1 0 to 4 MB or 1 GB of memory 25 GB or gigabytes of storage and one terabyte of transfer now let’s increase that let’s say we take it to 2 then we are looking at a price of $12 a month for Linux and $20 a month
for Windows here you’re getting one core 2 GB of memory 50 GB of storage 2 terabytes of transfer this likewise if we increase it to 3 to 4 to 5 let’s say we take it to a maximum of 10 because this will probably meet easily meets the requirement in most businesses maybe not even this much let’s say there are 16 and also let’s take it up to 8 which is like the midpoint so we are looking at 2 cores of CPU 8 1 9 2 MB of memory 200 gigabytes of
storage and 8 terabyte of transfer even then we find that the pricing is very reasonable 48 dollars a month of Linux and 80 dollars a month of Windows so this is something which we wanted to showcase once you’re on to this page you can select your desired level of power and then simply click here on buy now to get to the package of your choice along with that what kind of items are you getting free you’re getting the ability to deploy hundreds of
applications on your cloud VPS a control panel which is very very easy to use you only deploy the software that you need you get cloud VPS which is of course made very easy and there are no additional control panel expenses whatsoever along with that you get free migration service and a whole host of different features let’s look at some of them you get high-performance storage you get an uptime guarantee which is as much as 99.9% so practically
unfailing uptime guarantee then as far as the Sur language servers are concerned they are multiple so be it PHP MySQL Perl Python Ruby everything works out perfectly then provisioning is absolutely instant the control panel is very easy there are backups and snapshots all the time and software options are very very flexible let’s look at VPS upgrades as well in case you require any upgrades say an additional IP then you have cPanel and direct
admin for each thing and also you’ve got fantastic or soft cue lists and case plays and in every instance you’ll find the pricing to be very reasonable for instance an additional IP will just cost you one dollar per month per IP fantastical works out to just four dollars a month cPanel $10 a month soft coolest $2 direct admin $8 and case applies three point nine five dollars a month and before we wrap up let’s look at VPS locations as well you’re
looking at one in New Jersey and we’re looking at one in Los Angeles we looking at one in Houston and abroad we are looking at London Paris and Hong Kong so there are all these different VPS locations which you can again easily choose as per your requirement and as per your own location they could all very well be that there is a certain server which is assigned and in terms of OS options there are multiple be Debian sent to us Ubuntu Arch Linux
Windows the works basically there are so many of these now in case you have some questions they are all answered is there a trial period no there’s no trough trial period or money-back guarantee all billing is month-to-month and rest assured there’s no need for this you will be completely satisfied 100% and whether you can pick a quarterly or yearly there’s the one year payment option see the thing is when you choose that one-year option you
easily available of course works out to quite a bit and of course the provision to add more slices is always there and a final note would be the fact that when it comes to support it’s 24 by 7 and it’s in fact award-winning because it’s so good so these are all the features of inter servers VPS something which we very strongly recommend and coming back to these slices as mentioned right at the bottom you can easily avoid of these slices at any
time so therefore this is perhaps the most critical part of this video where you know the for a fact that you can easily add more power as per your requirement and you can even see switch initially maybe when you’re starting off your requirement is say at the 5th level then as your business expands and as requirement I say traffic increases requirements increase you could go up to 8 maybe you could even go up to 10 that’s completely your call you
know and that’s something which perhaps even you will not be able to determine upfront but as your business progresses and as things scale up then you could add slices so that’s something which we wanted to showcase once again as mentioned the direct link is there to this page in the description below this video you can simply click on that get to this page and choose your preferred VPS package from Inter server