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Interserver VPS – Full review of Intereserver’s products

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Why Interserver’s VPS ?
— A ranking in the Better Business Bureau
— Many VPS (Virtual Private Server ) offerings to choose from
— Been in business for 19 years!
— Rock Solid technology and servers
— Affordable pricing
— Great Customer service !

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hyah doing YouTube today I’m going to talk about inter server into server net they’ve been in business Believe It or Not for over 19 years although to solve ooh that might be your age or it sounds like a dinosaur in the online world it means especially in the world of hardware and SAS services it means one thing in my mind it means rock-solid business and that’s exactly what I’m looking for when I’m looking for an online solution or a web
solution like inter server I want somebody it was in business somebody that has been business for a while they have a good solid understanding and a great customer service and affordable price that means that they’re not cutting corners that maybe you know they trying to get more clients today to show their investors that they’re growing and then two years later they’re out of business these guys again 19 years in business which is great so
without further ado let’s dive into inter server and see what they’re are all about so first of all you can see they have various offers they have anything from the web host and the typical one you’re just starting up with your personal website you have a blog you had maybe you would have your photo album you know it could be something for a wedding or it could be something really simple like like a personal a website that you would like to put
your work there as well as things like things like WordPress this would all come here and it comes with unlimited traffic and little emails money money back guarantee all of that is great and it’s there and this is just going to this side I have a special link for you guys in the description in the description area and the bottom just clicking it’ll give you a link to a special promo for my basically viewers so let’s dive into what else is
included in this simple offers and they will dive into other things that they have of course they have security super important not a lot of people offer that that means in terms of a firewall machine learning firewall malware you want your site to be freaking protected a little anecdote way back I had a few sites with WordPress that we’re talking about a few years back with a different server and they got hacked by some Ukrainians and one hacker
on a different occasion from North African country and it was horrible it was not a pleasant experience having something like that like you know inter shield security that is there that is for free that blocks at web attackers etc is freaking priceless don’t forget that so that is included in your price and you know it’s over here basically in the price of a copy a cup of coffee per month or even less you’ll see how that is less in the link that
I’ll save you so moving forward it comes also with cPanel seapower if you’re a newbie you don’t know what you’re doing really simple it comes with everything in one place you can create your own emails you can manage WordPress from here install different things file manager images backups directories FTP all in one place and you really have to be a dummy to do that all you have to do is to click around and you’ll be able to do stuff you can see
just create an email with a click that simple and moving forward there other things that they have over here they have dedicated servers different kind of dedicated servers and dedicated servers have a VPS VPS if you have let’s say medium-sized e-commerce site that’ll be a great fit for you you want traffic you’ll probably go with this option Virtual Private servers across the board for WordPress for windows etc that means big storage a lot of
transfers you want to make sure that this the Euro sign will be able to handle everything and you have some exclusivity on that when it comes to dedicated servers they have a lot of offers as well what I do like about these guys and explain in a really nice way is the fact that some someday I could server companies would in a misleading way offer you let’s say we’re talking about like 10 10 gb package of a server but in reality they only have one
switch for that and kind of me selling you on that kind of offer and what these guys are really doing is quality work they have multiple ones many switches they want to make sure that your traffic stays rock-solid your traffic stays untouched your traffic in your site are going in the right direction and they’re offering or their kind of technology behind it is there to back you up with a live chat with it of course with the server’s themselves
that are really really good you have a list of them to choose from what as like the right CPU etc and of course everything comes with a fee and you’ll find the right bandwidth and so on and so on the larger the bandwidth of course and you have a lot of traffic and for different purposes but that is for a different kind of different topic that we can cover in another video customer service super responsive you can see got these guys live on chat
ready to talk to you in one click it’s not like they have to dig through on the wires talk to us at cetera et cetera it’s pretty simple and the business bureau gave these guys and a+ not that easy to get with these with their BBB Bureau so my recommendation is a big thumbs up these guys are great there’s a link in the description area below click on it it would give you the latest and greatest offering and I hope you enjoyed this video if you
have any questions feel free to comment and subscribe to this video for other videos and other kind of reviews out there hope you enjoyed it peace out