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Install WordPress on Addon Domain – Godaddy

Hey, I just met you and this is crazy. I make awesome tuts, so tip me maybe?

I’ll show you how to Install WordPress on Addon Domain in Godaddy and Cpanel. It won’t take long!

A video explaining how to set addon domain in Godaddy:

1. Login to Godaddy account
2. Find Cpanel
3. At the top you should see “Installatron”
4. Switch the tab to “Application Browser”
5. Search for WordPress
6. Press “Install Application”
7. Fill in the form and include the domain you want to setup WordPress on.
8. Once you’ve filled the form, press install at the bottom of the page
9. Once Installation is done, your domain has WordPress!

How to find Cpanel:
You’ll find more tutorials here:
GoDaddy’s Website: