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Install SSL certificate Godaddy step by step Tutorial (2019) – Internet Hacks

Install SSL certificate on Godaddy step by step tutorial for beginners. Here Domain name and Cpanel are both on #Godaddy. You need to buy SSL certificate on your server or cpanel account then simply needed to follow the steps in the video for SSL certificate installation on Godaddy server.

Now in 2019, SSL certificate is a ranking factor as Google already annoces this in their recent Algorithm Update for ranking. And have a SSL certificate will make your website more secure and also gives more trust to your valuable visitors. Also if you’re accepting payments from your website then it will be more helpful to make your payment transaction more secure and also gives extra protection layer to your customers banking and cards details.

Install SSL certificate tutorial step by step –
1. First open your cpanel and go to securities tab and then click on SSL/TLS option.
2. Now a new window opens and here you need to select the second option which is Certificate Signing Request (CSR).
3. Now you need to fill your domain name and other required details like city, state, country, company name etc. here you can also leave other optional fields.
4. Now click on Generate button below down the page.
5. Then CSR will be generated in encoded form. Now you need to copy that CSR code, also make sure that you copy it from very beginning to the end point.
6. Now go to you products page in the Godaddy account where you purchased the SSL certificate.
7. Then click on the drop down button on SSL certificates section and find your SSL certificate which you bought for this domain name.
8. Then click on Manage button.
9. Now you will see two options, click on second one that is input CSR.
10. Now paste the CSR here which you copied in above 5th step from cpanel and click on save button.
11. Now go back to your products page in the SSL section and there you will find a certificate download button, click on that and download the certificate.
12. Now extract the certificate file in your computer.
13. Now again open your cpanel and go to same SSL/TLS option in Security tab.
14. Now go to third option which is, Certificates (CRT).
15. Now you have two options, you can paste your certificate code which you get in download file and also can upload the file there.
16. Now click on Submit or upload certificate button.

Congratulations, your SSL certificate installation on Godaddy server is successful. Now you can wait for few minutes and open your website in https mode and you can see your SSL will be working file there.

Also, there may be some error yellow mark sign on ssl padlock that is due to some http element in the page like image or some links. so change them to https element and then refresh the page.

You can find your SSL certificate working live.

And also if you find any problem then can comment below and we will help you.

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