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SSDs vs HDDs: Which is Faster?
When comparing SSD dedicated hosting to a hosting solution that uses HDDs, speed often serves as a determining factor. By speed, we mean the speed at which your server can both store and access data and serve it up to visitors. HDDs consist of a metal disk with a magnetic coating that stores your data. A reading arm hovers over the disk, storing and extracting data as needed. The faster the disk itself spins, the faster it can store or access data. Unfortunately, the disk can only spin just so fast before it fails, limiting the drive’s speed.

SSDs, on the other hand, have no moving parts. They provide the same basic type of storage but can read and write data with much greater efficiency. Unlike HDDs, which have moving mechanical parts, SSDs store information in microchips, similar to a flash drive or memory stick. As a result, they do not require power to “spin up” and have no mechanical limitations impeding their speed. This means they can store and access data much faster than their spinning counterparts. Because SSDs serve data significantly faster than HDDs, SSD hosting offers you a website that will load much quicker. This can impact factors like ranking in search engines, user experience, conversion rates, and generally help your website become more successful.

hello youtuber welcome to another video reviews well today I’m not actually reviewing any product and because I received loads of requests from you guys with regards to some web hosting and various aspects so I thought I would share with you my own hosting company and how to add a Adam domain so the hosting company is in motion hosting comm the link and the details of those thing company will be can be found under the video description so you
can check out there ok so what it is it is a really good hosting company as I think because I’ve never let me down and it also gives me a really good price although they are based in the United States but they provide good service I can tell you that ok so what I’m going to show you now it is – how to add a Adam domain into in-motion hosting cpanel so as you can see here my VPS which is virtual private server and I must logged into it so I’m just
going to go first of all in cPanel so it will open in a minute okay so now on the search button I’m just going to type Adam so I clicked on Adam and I received this page so now what I’m going to do I’m going to write the domain name I want to have say we c d e f g calm and then tab I’ve got subdomain as follows and public route public underscore HTML folder as follows so if I want to check the file details I if I go to public HTML a b c d e f g
calm i’ll be able to find my file manager if I want I can add aaww dot the domain rather than just without the www and then click on add domain so for example if I click Add I can’t change my subdomain if I like to as you can see it’s not accepted using www as a subdomain so I’m just going to add that again and I’m going to do probably and do that okay so this is how I can create a new domain into the hosting panel in in
motion hosting using cPanel so as you can see it has been created now if I like to go to file manager I can do so and check my folder so as you can see it’s under my public HTML and so this is an active domain in terms of the hosting concern but although we know is not a valid event but you can use that there are a few more things I would like to show you in motion hosting provides all the hosting capability within the SSD
drive some meaning the solid-state drive meaning the competing processing are very fast if you are a just newbie to web hosting but required little bit of space out recommend to go into manage TPS hosting which is $29.99 per month and you get a 33% off because it used to be a 44 pound and 99 per month previously it has cPanel and whm included to easily manage your server there is one thing I would like to mention onto this server is in motion
hosting has Auto SSL meaning you don’t have to buy extra SSL certificate for your business unless you are dedicated to something but normally don’t really require an SSL certificate sir virtual private server is the best one to go for which I currently have I can configure my server from here if I like to and also it has a root access as well if I like to have that so it’s not too bad compared to the money you’re praying there are loss of server
you know like Bluehost or GoDaddy or few other TSO hosts I’ve tried them all but I do not really like because they are not really as good as we normally expect you so if you refer into a good server that provides you good serviced and I would recommend in motion hosting it’s very easy to use the one down point is when you buy VPS someone just mentioned won’t give you option to buy sub tequila’s so meaning if you want to install third party
software such as WordPress PHP BP then you gonna have to download the software from the relevant company and then install into the cPanel but if you want to you can parse this extra you know plan and yeah thing you have to pay monthly let me let me check it quickly on that yeah you pay about 50 pound per month and then you can add into your program so guys thank you so much for your time I just wanted to give you a little overview of in motion
hosting and I will try to bring some more in the future with more information on different hosting as well but the reason for my in motion hosting because it is one of my number one choice favor number one in the list hence I thought I would go for in motion was thing to talk about it so until my next video bye for now