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InMotion Hosting Review – Pros, Cons and Fees Revealed

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InMotion Hosting is a popular US-based host that offers affordable shared hosting plans. But, of course, you want to know if its system is good enough for you and how it performs. Check out this video review to figure out when (and when not) to use InMotion Hosting.

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2:21 User management
2:40 1-click installations
2:55 Installing WordPress
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are you considering in motion hosting for your website let me show you its main pros and cons prices and when you should use in motion hosting welcome to where we help you find the best hosting service for your website and how to launch app in motion is a very popular hosting provider that has been around since 2001 according to its website at this point in motion hosts over 300,000 domain names however let’s find out if
in motion will be a good option for your project in this video I’ll be checking in Motion’s affordable shared hosting plans however higher performing hosting services like VPS or dedicated servers are offered to let’s now check out the different shared hosting packages the launch tier is good for those looking to have no more than two web sites and two databases with the power plan you’ll be allowed a total of six web sites and fifty databases it
also has double the performance in other words how fast your content can be delivered as the entry level package finally the pro plan allows for unlimited websites and databases and has four times greater performance compared to the cheaper plan it also comes with an uptime guarantee of 99.9 percent it’s cool that all in Motion’s shared hosting plans come with unlimited storage and bandwidth they also feature free SSL certificates and a
complimentary domain name for the first year be aware that in motion hosting offers big discounts for the first term after that you’ll be requested to pay the full amount this is in Motion’s backend personally I find it a bit outdated and I wouldn’t mind seeing a new design though generally speaking it’s relatively easy to use in motion system is cPanel based so if you are used to this interface it won’t be a challenge for you click on the cPanel
icon to manage your hosting options from here you’ll be able to install apps create email accounts soar enable SSL encryption for your websites I have to say that I find in motion user management options a bit limited as you can see you can create users but it’s not possible to assign roles or projects to each user not ideal for big teams or agencies providers like DreamHost or SiteGround have a smarter way to deal with this every hosting
provider has an easy way to install applications in motion is no different it actually provides dozens of scripts to install CMS’s like WordPress Drupal Joomla or Magento in one-click since most of us use WordPress let me quickly show you how in Motion’s WordPress installer works all you need to do is choose the domain where your website will be installed give it a name and set an admin user and password in motion we’ll ask you if you’d like some
popular plugins added with your installation you can leave these unten e of them click install and wait for a couple of minutes while in motion installs your WordPress site sadly in motion doesn’t include a free way to automatically create backups however there is a paid ad on you can get it’s also possible to use the tedious cPanel interface to create manual backups of course you will want your website to be secure so let’s check out what in
motion can do for you in motion shared hosting packages come with SSL certificates for free so your website’s data will be encrypted additionally in motion will scan your account for vulnerabilities and malware its servers support HTTP 2 and the latest versions of PHP to avoid using unsafe code I like that you can enable two-factor authentication to add an extra security layer to your account every time you log into your account you’ll be
requested to input a code which you receive on your phone at we do a lot of testing for many hosting services including in motion hosting I have to say I have mixed feelings about its speed let me tell you why in my experience in Motion’s uptime is inconsistent for example in the last year we got up times below the standard 99.95% which is not ideal if you have a project that needs to be online all the time I’m afraid that
it’s speed doesn’t look much better while in motion didn’t have the worst results in our tests it was a bit slower than the top providers in motion has several data centers available in the US so you can choose to host your website on the west or the east coast sadly there are no servers outside the US in Motion’s support is available 24 hours via chat phone and email when I contacted its support agents they were friendly and helped me out with
my questions nothing to complain about here before the video ends let me summarize the main in motion pros and cons so you know what to expect I love the fact that storage and bandwidth are not limited support is reliable and its system is easy enough to use I wish its interface looked a bit more modern and that it had a smarter system to manage users and create backups performance should also be improved I hope you found this in motion hosting
review interesting if you have any questions just let us know in the comment section below