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hi everyone I want to make a short tutorial about how to use I page I can’t show you everything because it’s it’s you know got a lot of options but I just wanted to show you a few things so that you can do your selection assignment first of all you’ll see you’re logged in and you can see that you can select to search either books digital gift music video video game for our assignment we’re going to use just book you can search in several
different ways and also over here you can use the Ingram active or mostly adult titles or if you just want to see children’s titles choose I kids so as you scroll down there’s all sorts of things on this page there’s bestsellers from New York Times list there’s top demand from Ingram there are places you can sign up for I page webinars one of the thing there’s catalogs you can look through to see their recent catalogues one thing I like to use is
the Hot List if you go in here you’ll see that each month librarians make hot lists for forthcoming titles so for instance in March these are the hottest nonfiction titles adult nonfiction that are going to be coming out in March these are hand selected by librarians this list is when I actually used to do when I worked there so I’m just going to practice with this so I go into this list and I see that all these titles are coming out in March and
these are the prices remember that this is retail price and that when you have a contract with a vendor you will get a discount so you will not pay full price for it you can see if it’s in stock with they won’t be because they aren’t out yet you’ll see starred citation citations and reviews in I page you can look at the reviews so instead of looking at all the paper journals if you have a contract with Ingram you can read the reviews right in
their system here also if you have it set up you can check your OPAC to see if you already have the title or not and that’s something that you would have to set up with them you see that you have a bunch of other filter options over here which I’ll let you look through yourself another sort you can do is you can sort all these different ways if you are looking for a certain dewey range you could search by dewey keep in mind that not all of these
books have been assigned a do it yet because they’re not out yet and cataloging usually happens when the book is published so you can also search by by sack and if you’re not familiar by sack is a system used by book stores so that’s where you’ll see you know all the biographies together all the cookbooks together etc so for this exercise I’m just gonna use buy sack because I want to see a list of biographies you know usually those would be in
the 900s if you’re gonna do a them but then also some systems some libraries just put them in a category called biographies and don’t put a dewey number anyway so if I scroll down here I can see that for instance Tokyo romance has a starred citation and a review so I’m gonna click on this I see that it is a hardcover binding and most of these are going to be hardcover because they’re gonna be the best sellers I can see the bicep categories I can
see the reviews you see that it has Kirkus Reviews Publishers Weekly Library Journal so this title has gotten a lot of reviews already so if I want to get this title I am going to make a new list create a new list and I’m gonna call it Hollies latest list I’m gonna make it private so only I can see it and I’m going to create the list all right so now I’m just going to go back to the list I had and I’m going to choose several titles in here and I
am going to add them to that list and where is my list thing let’s go to the bottom here you go selected titles add to Hollies latest list so I will add them now to see my list I go to the top of the page and I go to public or private lists only and I will see my latest list so I can email this to myself I can download it I can if I had it enabled I can check it to make sure they’re there aren’t duplicates in the list two of the same titles I
could make changes to it I can view it so I can open it and look at it in detail and go each title by title you’re gonna go back and what I want to do is I want to create an Excel spreadsheet out of first sorry first I want to price this list because those are retail prices I want to know how much this list is actually going to cost me so let me go back and cuz it kicked me out I’m going to go to my list and I’m gonna price this list okay so it
is telling me that the estimated with the discount is 98 dollars and seventy seven cents so remember that we started with the retail price and this would be the price of my discount now if you get cataloging and processing it could cost a little bit more you’ll have those details with your vendor each library has its own system set up whether they get cataloging or no cataloging and processing or no processing you know if you get the book just
only it’s just going to be a straight discount so anyway for this assignment I’m going to want you to download this as a comma delimited format put it into an Excel spreadsheet once you can open and you can see the titles right here you you it needs a little fixing to just fix these with the buy set this is the ISBN or EAM but you just have to format it correctly the author the title and these codes are quality is a paperback and r is for
hardcover so you can tell that one of these is a paperback this is the public date this is the publisher this is the retail price and this is the discount price so if you want to go ahead you could total these up here and choose some make sure you pick all of these out whoops sorry I messed that up let me start again I want the total down here so I’m going to click total sum you’re gonna choose which titles and hit okay and there is my total and
one more thing to fix the ISBN to look like a regular number you need to format the cells so you can right click here format cells number make it a number with is no decimals because it’s not a it’s not a monetary amount it’s just a number and there is your EAN or ISBN as it used to be called and this is also the ISBN so let me woops format cells number known decimals that is though the old number you actually want this number for ordering
purposes anyway that’s how you do that