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Imunify360: Video testimonial from Interserver is a US-based hosting service with a good reputation for quality service at an affordable price. They have two datacenters on the east and west coast of the US to service their thousands of customers including small individual site owners to Fortune 500s. prides itself on fast servers and customer response.Because prides itself on fast technician response times, it’s critical that they stay proactive about security issues. When technicians are overloaded with support tickets, they cannot respond to all customers within a reasonable time delaying a response and frustrating site owners. looked to Imunify360 to mitigate growing issues with hacked sites on their servers so that they could respond faster to issues and automate security.

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Imunify360 is a comprehensive security suite for Linux web-servers. Antivirus firewall, WAF, PHP, Security Layer, Patch Management, Domain Reputation with easy UI and advanced automation.

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what was it like before you had our product or service what problems did you encounter so i would say initially we were looking for a solution to help alleviate sites getting hacked and opted to try unified 360. um you know we looked at it as a solid product choice for our web hosting servers and it’s resulted in relieving our support team and that’s what we ultimately look to do um you know when we’re inundated with something this particular
issue we look to see how we can alleviate it and you know issues related to compromised sites immunify really does help in resolving that what was the main problem you were trying to solve with our product so we actually had two main objectives the first objective was for munifi 360. we were looking for a malware solution and with cloud linux we were looking for a security hard name so we felt that if each product adequately met our needs over
the course of time then we have in fact found a viable and a sustainable solution to this issue and in this case both products have really met our demand and needs john our cto has been really pleased with the performance on both and we’ve continued to grow both products throughout you know our network what made our product or service stand out from other options so i would say that essentially criminal care is a fan favorite amongst our team
especially since it enables us to update the kernel without actually rebooting the physical server because as i’m sure many people know when you reboot an actual server there’s a lot of other complications that come along with that so this allows us to run these updates seamlessly without affecting or impacting service and again that’s like a main objective so we would say that this product really does meet the needs of our demands of what we’re
looking to do to enhance the overall customer experience has our technology met and exceeded your expectations so i would say this you know our partnership has been forged over the course of several years therefore i would say we continue to utilize and grow this partnership based upon the evolution of the product offering and you know obviously cloud linux was kind of the core of how we started and then as immunify and criminal care became
viable options we then you know started to test those products amongst our servers to see how they performed and you know in any partnership it’s about sustainability and long-term growth and i think that we see a lot of potential between these two partners what was your experience working with the movie 5-3 spacing team you know i think for us i look at this as every partnership has a strength and a weakness and in this one i would say the
support team is definitely a strength you know as you encounter issues through implementing testing and then of course you know having these uh different licenses run live on servers it’s really important to have a team of professionals that understand how to work with you throughout that process and i would say that this team is really you know comprised of experts in their field um you know anytime you’re working with a software vendor you
really are at their mercy um especially if you encounter an issue and it’s impeding upon the server’s performance customers are obviously impacted so for us it’s really about knowing that we have a good line of communication with the support team and forging a partnership like that each step of the way is you know really what matters the most to us would you recommend in unified to our service providers yes because we see the development and the
continuous development of this product and the evolution of it so therefore we know it’s something that’s going to be around for quite some time and it’s proven to work and for us that’s enough that that’s all we need to know in order to continue to you know move forward with it what would you tell someone who’s considering our business you know i would definitely say if you’re looking to streamline support and security related issues the
umbrella of brands known as criminal care cloud linux and unifi 360 are honestly a perfect combination of how to easily manage that aspect of your business so you know when you look at security and all the different features and how we were talking about what kernel care allows you to do there’s so many facets under this umbrella of licenses that allows you to really hone in and have a good handle on your business that it’s worth it so for us
like i’ve said throughout this interview we see the long-term growth here and that’s why we continue to partner with this umbrella brands because you know it’s all about efficiency and we feel that they’re able to really deliver that is there anything else that you would like to comment on or say about the product or business you know i was sitting down with john yesterday and we were talking that’s our cto and we were talking about what we
really look for and for our team it’s all about reliability and how easily a product integrates with our platform and obviously the effectiveness after that um of the product as a whole um we found that amongst these key brands and each of their swim lanes um you know they all serve their purpose pretty efficiently and therefore i would say you know there’s going to be a long-term growth here and it’ll continue growth with this partnership and we
look forward to see you know what the future holds with this brand and all the different features that they continue to add so for us you know we think 2021 looks really bright