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hello everyone in this video let's see how we can move Microsoft sequel based database to a third-party hosting server like karate or Hostgator or any of the similar hosting providers to get started let's open ms SQL management studio connect to any of the server that you would like to in this case it's a local database which resides on the system as a sample we have a database named demo underscore DB which has a couple of tables and a stored procedure okay so first of all what we have to do is we have to export this file and then import that file in into our hosting account to export the file right-click on the database go to tasks back up here you can add the location where you would like to take the backup of this database you can select the location right here and give it a name let's say then oldest code D P dot V AC make sure to give extension of bak then click ok then select that particular destination and click ok so BB export is complete if you go to that location you can say that file has been created okay now let's go to a hosting account I have a account in Manas hosting and it should be pretty much the process should be pretty much the same let's log in there here you should have an option to manage the database and you can go over there and click on add database let's give it a name sample JB and make sure that you select Microsoft sequel as the database server as we are exporting Microsoft sequel based database and then just click OK so we have created the database here now what we need to do is just import the file that we have exported from SQL Server management studio okay click on import um browse and this is the file that we exported click open and click OK may take a while based on the size of the database file that you have okay so the DB import is completed just to cross verify let's write a simple query here and then just execute so we have six rows of data in here and three columns in Blighty name and Department let's see if we have same data available affects both importing in in our hosting account to test that go to your admin control panel you can verify if you have the important as you can see we have successfully imported our database you can see those two tables and also the stored procedure right here okay can also cross verify the same thing there you go okay so that's how we import Microsoft sequel based database in our hosting account and I hope this video helped you and thanks for watching .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]This video shows how we can move a mssql based database to 3rd party web hosting servers like godaddy, hostgator etc.

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