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I used Godaddy Zone Templates to Replace my missing E-mail Records, Setup Domain Forwarding Pt16

Godaddy Zone Templates Deleted all of my E-Mail Records in my Domain Zone files, Trying to Upload my Backup Zone Files Failed, I Research other options, I decide to try an Around the Block way of Uploading my E-Mail Records, By using the DNS Template Builder at 18:17 and it worked, I tested sending e-mails from my Domains and they worked, Then I had to set up my Domain Name Forwarding, on some of my Domains, This takes a long time to get them all working right, Web Browser Caching can fool you into thinking pages are working or not working, Always hit Reload and Test in Different Browsers, Getting ready to set up my Fedora 28 Linux DNS Name Server, Pt16.

Research links are here…
Fedora 28 Linux setting up a DNS Name Server BIND, Trying to get it to Show Up Online

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