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HTTPS Redirect Using HostGator cPanel

This is a short demonstration/explanation video on redirecting to HTTPS after setting up your SSL/TLS certificate with HostGator hosting services.

Leave a comment if you need further explanation.

all right so i find that when setting up your security certificate um there are times when you would have to not only set up the certificate but also go ahead and do a redirect so you don’t want to redirect to https all right no um so we’re using osgeta all right so you log into your os get portal it should take you to this dashboard um when you sign in all right so when you click on ssl management i’m just going to click to to confirm that um
the certificate is already there all right so there is a certificate for this domain that i’m using all right so that is there i go back to dashboard i click on the control panel so i’ll launch the c panel all right if i click on security all right i can click on ssl tls right a few things that we can check on i can view the certificate to see if one is there all right so a certificate is there um the issue is let’s encrypt and i am using the
free one here all right i can also click on domains from here now this is the important part all right so decided to get this set up but what we need to do now is to redirect to https so i click on redirect using so the type want to make it permanent 301 which means that if there is any bookmark as well that was already set for this um particular website then to update the bookmark but that’s besides the point right so we click um permanent
select permanent then you will want no select the domain that you want to sort of that you want to do the redirect for all right now only one domain is associated with this particular account so i would select that all right um the options redirect without without www all right so i select that all right now it says redirect to this is where i want to put the address for which i want to redirect to so i’m going to select well you would type in
https and then the name of the domain you add that and then despite whatever someone might type no as long as it has to do with this domain it will redirect them to a https um website all right or https um url right so basically i think the issue is most times um persons do not stop the redirect part of it because even what austria suggested in terms of persons updating the hd access file there’s also times when updating the hd access file alone
will not work and you’ll have to go ahead and update the url by putting in the http expressive alright so i think that should solve the problem of even though you have enabled the certificate and you are using a certificate what you want to know is to redirect to https in terms of um using host data in the future and um setting up the security certificate and also redirecting to the secure connection which is the are the secure url which is the
one that starts with the https