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pages will allow you to customize the pages in your site even add transitions to them just click on the page to start editing it in the page manager you can reorder your pages by grabbing it on the left and moving it up and down your list keep in mind this order will reflect in your menu if you used one you can also create sub pages with a drop-down menu to create a sub page simply drag the page to the right again just grab the left side of the page and move it to the right now you can go to preview to see your sub pages as a drop-down under the main page menu if you have a sub page and want to make it a page again simply drag the page down and to the left next you can find your page settings here and you can add another page to your site here just choose what kind of layout you wants via the page preview now name your new page and choose if you want this to display as a sub page then click OK last you can edit your settings and SEO here and don't forget to choose a transition for your pages from the drop-down menu .

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