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HOW TO USE WIX & GMB | How To Integrate Google My Business with Wix

You may have heard the news yesterday on How To Integrate Wix With Google My Business. What a great combination. WIX and GMB (Google My Business) combination every Wix business owner needs to understand. This will be a game-changer for many small businesses looking for local enquires from Google Maps and Google search results.

0:00 Introduction to WIX and GMB
0:20 The reason Wix owners need this video
0:58 Zanet Design
1:25 What is needed to Integrate Wix With Google My Business
2:39 What is Wix
3:15 What is Google My Business
4:34 Google Maps intergration
5:05 Wix free website example
5:34 The announcement on Wix & GMB
6:00 Where to find GMB in Wix
7:25 A Business domain is needed
8:20 Purchasing a domain on Wix

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So as mentioned, Google and Wix have announced WIX & GMB integration. So in this video, I’m going to help you discover if that is a good thing for 200 million Wix owners.

If you have a GMB, should you move to Wix? What can Wix do well now with Google? Before we find out what’s been agreed. Let’s just spend 2 minutes on what they both do.

Wix is aimed at individuals wanting to make their own small business website.

GMB is aimed at small business owners wanting to find local clients and customers. combine the two and you have a great business integration.

What does that imply? Should you move to Wix? Wix has been making great strides in its SEO offerings. This is giving them even strong marketing leverage. Integrating GMB into the Wix platform solidifies Wix as a strong consideration for any business wanting to go online but without having to make significant investments hiking the steep technical learning curve. And that makes Wix a strong contender.

For now, you should be optimising GMB (Google My Business) So to help you move that part of the business forward, you need to meet me on these 2 videos:
1. Series on reviews
2. GMB dummies

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So if you’re a Wix owner in fact if you’re amongst  a 200 million Wix owners you may be aware that it   was an important announcement this week the  announcement was was not only do wix try and   integrate well with Google products but the recent  and newest products or integrating with this week   is google my business and that’s fantastic news  for business owners so if you’ve decided to run   your business using wix then you’re
going to  find this video really helpful because it’s   going to show you exactly where you can put that  google my business integration where to find it   at the same time i’m going to just discover for a  few moments why google my business integration is   going to be really helpful for your business  i’m going to show you how you can access it   if you’re on the free wix plan then you will need  to just make one slight change to
benefit from the   integration so I’m Zane from Zanet Design and I’m  a web designer that helps other people that run   businesses run their sites so if you’ve  decided to go down the avenue of using wix   and you enjoy using that free web tool then this  video is going to be really useful for you because   it’s going to show how you can use the marketing  power of Google My Business to improve the amount   of customers and clients
that contact you using  your Wix website now if you’ve used Wix before   you’ll know there’s quite a few different  integrations but amongst those integrations   sometimes they’re pay for integrations to have a  free one that’s going to bring customers and get   phone calls to your business well that’s going to  be something that many of these 200 million owners   are going to welcome at this point also if  you’re considering
building a website yourself   and you’ve already got your google my business  up and running and maybe you’ve even got the free   website that comes with google my business then  wix may be an idea to consider as an opportunity   to expand your business now there are some  negatives and positives with wix if you go   for the free version, it does give you an advert  there are some limitations of what you can do   in fact, you can’t
integrate google my business yet  without a domain name but if you want the domain   name then you can then move up just up on the  pricing ladder of wix and it will give you that   domain name for free for a year you can try it  out for 14 days for free so I’ve got a link down   below if you wanted to try Wix out and try that  14-day trial out so I’ve put together a small   little tutorial now that’s going to show you where  you can
find that google my business integration   what google my business is what Wix is and also  I’m going to look at what you need to do to make   sure that they integrate and work for you so i’m  looking at uh just an overview of wix first of   all what is wix well wix is a way in which  you can build free websites with templates   that are provided for you so you just pick your  template that would suit your type of business   and
then you can go in and you can make edits so  again there’s plenty of ways in which you can do   this but if you’re after a free website or if  you want to then pay for perhaps better hosting   improved shop integration then you can do that  through Wix but the purposes video is just to   give you an overview of what Wix is before we then  explain about google my business integration let   me give you an overview of google my business
so  google my business is where your business appears   here on the right-hand side it also appears in  maps it also appears in google search so i did a   Search for Aberdeen golf shop and you see it came  up here basically, the branding of that and this is   a fictional golf shop that I’ve produced in one  of my previous videos so it doesn’t really exist   if i wanted to add a website to it i can click on  here and i can put the url
or that c domain name   of the website so if i produced one normally  in wix you could then enter it there but i’m   going to show you now this integration of  how wix and google my business work together   now it’s just worth saying as well that if  i go into the back end of google my business   what Google My Business is it’s a bit like  checker trade it’s a bit like Yellow pages or Yell   it’s where you have all the information
about your  business so you can add posts you can add photos   you can explain when you’re open and closed and  what that does that then appears on google maps   and appears when people are searching for your  business so give an example of how that would   work if you view it on maps for example so if  someone was searching for a golf shop in aberdeen   they would look on google maps and then various  golf shops would come up and
then they could get   directions and they could see when it’s open and  they could give you a call so that’s kind of how   businesses work on maps so imagine the power of  having a website built in Wix for the majority of   of millions of business owners and then  integrating all this into it as well and that’s   exactly what’s happened on today’s announcement  so i’m going to show you how you can do that   integration now so just
moving on to then a quick  website that i’ve put together so this was using   one of their templates so i can make changes uh  change image i can bring in for example i’ve got   so I can bring in my logo I can click my logo and  I can choose that image instead and there you go   now i’ve got my logo probably need to change the  background and a few other things to make that   work I don’t know if I need to publish this to 
demonstrate whether google my business works but   I do know that reading about setting up google  my business and this is going to really enhance   if you’re a business owner using a wix website and  this information here will tell you how to set up   google my business but in all fairness if you’re  a subscriber to this channel then you’ll know   that all this information is easy to do and I show  you exactly how to do it right from
scratch and i   walk you through each step so if you’re enjoying  this video already make sure you give it a thumbs   up but also make sure you subscribe and also put  a comment down so also i’m interactive with you   so if you get questions you just put them down  in this youtube video and i will answer each one   so we’re setting up google my business and this  does kind of walk you through it a little bit if   you’re interested
but the easiest way to show you  is if you are a wix owner you just need to go to   your website and you’ll see there’s integrations  on the left-hand side and under marketing google   my business so i’ve clicked on that promote your  business so all i need to do is click start now so   let’s just mention why you’d want to integrate  google my business so if you’ve got a business   and you’re using Wix you may already have your 
google my business up and running if you haven’t   then there’s a video that i’ll show you that you  can go to that will show you how to do that it can   be done in two minutes you can put your business  on google and google maps and that’s going to   bring in more traffic so as it says it gives more  potential customers a chance to see your business   it also means that they can get in touch because  if you notice you’ve got
directions they get the   website they can call you they can even whatsapp  you which is pretty cool and also then you can   create a profile that reflects your business  and also gives people an opportunity to rate it   to give feedback it gives you a chance to do faqs  with them in fact the power of google my business   is quite phenomenal and to have that integrated  for free into wix is quite outstanding and that’s   why this is
such an important video that I’m  putting out as fast as I can so you can make   sure you don’t miss out on this now i’m going to  click start now i’ve got no idea how this works   but let’s go for it to connect google obvious you  need a domain for your site so this is a good step   in making sure that only professional websites can  actually get involved in here so you can either go   not now and i’ll just keep you here but if i
go  get a domain and i would either connect a domain   i already own by bringing it in or i could buy a  new domain i’ve just got this which is the basic   domain i haven’t even published the site yet so  if i go back to here and publish it i don’t think   that’s going to make any difference but we’ll  give it a go i can view the site so i’ve got   a free website at the moment but you notice with  a free website you have this right
at the top an   advert in effect of wix and that’s the only thing  that really makes it a little bit uh obvious it’s   a free website and then it’s basically saying name  your site so if i called it um aberdeen aberdeen   golf shop let’s see what’s available so aberdeen  golf is available if i put get it   then you need to have a plan and a one-year  free domain voucher so i’m going to upgrade   it and so what this will do
will just give you  then some basics you’ll notice that it builds in   quite a few extra things there’s quite a lot of  unlimited things as well and you need to then   find which package would suit you best and then  once you’ve found out that package you can then   build it you get a 14-day guarantee our money-back  guarantee as well if it doesn’t work out and that   gives you a free domain anyway but of course  you’ll be limited to
using that domain now once   you’ve got your domain set up you can then get  access straight through to your google my business   and what that will do will enable you then to make  all these changes from within your wix website   and that will then give the power of your wix  website and your google my business presence   that’s going to then obviously make it  a lot easier to manage all in one place   now once you’ve done that the
next stage is going  to be how do you optimize it how do you make it   work for your business and that’s what i’m going  to show you next okay so what does that mean for   us so if you’re a wix owner then take advantage of  google my business set up your google my business   integrate it as best as you can and i’ve got  plenty of videos they’re going to show you how you   can optimize your google my business settings if  you’re a
google my business owner and you haven’t   got a website yet then you may want to consider  the advantage of having a WordPress website   or having a cms website this your own bespoke  website which will cost more because you use a   web designer to do so well the advantage of that  is you own the website and you can have exactly   what you want where you want it you can design it  your way the disadvantage of having a wix website  
is the fact that it does have a similar pattern  to all the other websites unless you really   make some dramatic changes to the designs it’s  going to look quite similar to other websites   but wix comes free to start with and then you  then pay a regular basis if you want to go for   the business package as we saw on the video so  if you’re a wix owner and you’re just starting   out and you want to know how to optimize google  my
business to work with your particular wix   website then head over to here it’s called Google  My Business for dummies and it’s exactly what you   need but if you want to know a bit more about how  you can improve your reviews and get more reviews   coming through on your google my business so you  get five-star reviews I’ll see you on this video