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How to use google console to verify Namecheap Domain using Zone Editor

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This will work if you have Multiple Domains from a Single Hosting Account
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How to use Namecheap Zone Editor to verify Domain with google console
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How to use Namecheap Zone Editor to verify Domain with google console

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start recording there you go it’s recording now hi i uh sorry hi uh um millionaires multi-millionaires my name is ali and today we’re going to do a quick um tutorial on google console i do have a couple websites already set up on here and what we’re gonna do we’re gonna register uh with google console so bear with me and follow along thanks uh don’t forget to hit that subscribe button if this is something you’re interested in on this channel
we talk about making money using the internet leveraging the internet using affiliate marketing if you’re interested in that making money online videos click the subscribe button okay i’m back so basically you just gotta go to and it’s gonna bring you into your google console here uh i already have um a few domains registered in here all you gotta do is just hit add property when you get to this point all you have to do is
basically type in the website so basically what you want to do you want to type in your domain here and make sure you get rid of the http if you do put that in there it’ll let you know real simple and next thing you want to do is and by the way make sure you’re selected in the selected domain and uh basically type in your url here without the http and without any um um front slashes on the end and just hit continue verifying property tree works
okay okay so what we want to do here guys we want to take this um txt record this uh you see the snippet over here for um we want to paste that in the dns configuration for this domain tree so all you got to do just click over here copy that snippet go into your uh cpanel i’m hosting with namecheap so just go inside your cpanel click on zone editor you need to come down here and select the right domain which is the very bottom
one here hit manage and what you want to do you want to select the txt record okay and the next thing we’re going to do is um okay the next thing you want to do you want to come over here you want to come hit at right add records i already did that i’m sorry i should have done it on camera but i had to pause for a second click on add record this thing pops up over over here make sure you select text and take this value from over here that we
copied we’re going to dump that right in here okay we’re going to hit paste that record’s going to go there and what else we got what else missing here let me see i’m sorry guys uh the steps that i did earlier are incorrect steps i want you to follow what i’m gonna do here uh basically in order for you to connect your uh google console you see that uh tax record over here you would copy it and you would go to um your cpanel i’m using um uh
namecheap for hosting and you gotta go to uh zone editor and you’re gonna select the domain that you’re you’re looking to connect which is the very bottom one here i’m going to hit manage and i’m going to select all the tax records going to show me everything i have here i’m going to go down to the domain that i am looking for which is that one right here and i’m gonna hit edit and i’m gonna copy i’m gonna paste that i mean control a control v
and i’m gonna save that record okay you have successfully updated the following txt record uh dot com well for uh okay so that’s good uh next thing we want to do here is we want to go back and verify it okay so after we um paste the new um text record over here and we saved it we want to go back to um google console and you want to wait about four or five minutes because it takes a while for the dns to update and
all you got to do just hit the verify button and there you go ownership verified and now you can check the property just click right here okay obviously we have access to all the properties over here the website’s still not indexed it’s still not indexed yet so you cannot really see much property over here but that pretty much um gives you um a good rundown on what you need to do as far as connecting your google console to your um uh i’m sorry
verifying uh connecting google console to your website and verifying on ownership i hope you guys enjoyed this video thanks for watching uh don’t forget to like subscribe and comment for more videos