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how to upload import your website on hostinger Simple and easy steps

this is a short video tutorial showing you how to upload/import your website into hostinger.

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upload your website into hosting first of all you need to create a new hosting account you need you can do this by just clicking this new account so you you choose whichever suits you bomb is going to go for the free one so then you choose this sub domain I’m just gonna go for so your password you can either click generate or used it and pass what you want unless one of these and it password of my choice now and continue so I’m just going to
click continue so what you need to do is just enter the CAPTCHA put us you see it when I agree to the terms and conditions so your account will not be created I just go into your account and click on you can use the money they decide all the options you can use manage website builder and whatever so you click on manage this is the details of your website let me open your top just for you to see what me so this is the link to your new website now
so let’s just close that then you can go down here access all the options but what we’re interested in is uploading your files onto posting so what we do now is in what we’ll do is go website which is this and click import website so this you can use the import website maybe you’ve already created your website maybe in zoom with awesome somewhere else but you just need to import it so they’ll become bill instead around or you could use this
website view though which has online ready-made template you just customize them so you click on import website now you need to drag and drop your files here so I’m just gonna do that I forgot to mention before you upload your files you need to zip it then one is it one is if it then we can now drag and drop into the code area make sure it contains every files in make sure all your website files are contained in one folder oils you BB broken
links or maybe images will not be show so let’s just wait till this is completely uploaded so we just have to wait until it’s completely uploaded yeah it’s finished now so let’s test our let’s take a look at what that is gonna look so you going on Account dashboard details yeah and then you on this as soon as you’re on your website this is what you’re gonna see at first so he says this is why I says now you need to delete this the folder PHP
because it’s tasty folders being viewed right now so we need to go to what no actually a movie to go to files and file manager to and then public HTML and they wanted to remove this to delete now thou boredom has been deleted going to just test our website as soon as we open our website Isis was this is how it’s gonna look but we don’t want this to happen so you go to your hood to the link of the page you want to be set as your page I I will
choose this one page was shot yet and then this is the one I want to be my to be displayed as soon as the link is visited so you’re always gonna click this so this is the link this is the link I want so I just copy the link then close so to make it easy we just go on today domains and redirects so this just instead of opening this link that Larry directs you to the old page then just copy and paste this and then make sure you remove the HTTP at
the beginning yeah like this so make it up with a little blue dot and then click create now David Elliott as we created so let’s visit up it again this should be on a dashboard and then details and then and that’s how you create that’s how you approve you once I don’t want to simply move on to hosting so you can now visit your website is now live and so that’s just basically thanks for watching