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How to Upload a Logo to Your GoDaddy Website

In this video, you’ll learn how to upload the logo to your website, using the GoDaddy Websites Marketing Website Builder.
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Hey everyone, Beth here from South Africa. So today I just want to quickly show you how to upload your own logo using GoDaddy’s Websites Marketing tool to build your website. So, just go on to the far left, where your business name is, and then just click on it and then click on upload logo, and then upload. I’m going to upload my logo, the one that’s on my desktop and then it has uploaded. Once it’s done uploading and then just click on insert, and also, make sure that your logo is a PNG logo. So who ever that designing your logo, just make sure that they give you a PNG logo.
And there you have it. My logo is updated, and then after that I click on done. Okay. Let’s preview our website. There we go. There we go. My logo is there. And then on the right hand side, that’s obviously how my website look like when you are viewing it on a mobile device. Thank you. Catch you next time. Please don’t forget to go to our help section if you need anything, or if you need any help around this, just go onto and then click on the help section. Cheers for now. Bye.