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How to Update Your Free GoDaddy Domain Name to a Websites Marketing Site

Learn how to connect your domain to a GoDaddy Websites Marketing site and change the IP address for external domain names.

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0:00 How to upgrade your free GoDaddy domain to a custom domain
0:32 How to change the website’s domain name
1:24 Choosing to use an external domain

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By default, your web address is what you named your website when you first set it up in Website Builder with at the end of it. So for example, if you named your site, That 70s Restaurant, then your web address will show as, or some variation of that if that exact website domain name is already taken.

I’m gonna show you how to update that free domain to your own custom GoDaddy domain on GoDaddy’s Websites Marketing site.

There are a couple of different ways to change the website domain name, so I’ll show you both. The starting point is your My Site section.

The first way to update the GoDaddy domain name is to choose the Use My Domain link in the Preview window, which shows next to your current domain right here.

The second way to update the domain name is to go into your site Settings and choose Domain. Let’s check it out.

A Domain Settings window displays, and at this point you have three options. One, you can choose a domain that you’ve already purchased by selecting it from the dropdown box. Two, you can click the link to get a new website domain. Or three, you can use the free GoDaddy domain URL that was assigned when you created your website.

For this demonstration, we’re going to use the domain that we have available. It’s as easy as choosing the domain from the dropdown list. If you choose to use an external domain name, you’ll have to go to that external registrar and change the IP address associated with that domain’s A record. You can always ask that company for help if you need it.

When you have the domain you want, it’s as easy as clicking Save or Save & Publish. Once you publish, if you use an existing GoDaddy domain, your site should be live and searchable on the web. If you use an external domain, it can take up to 72 hours before you see it live.

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