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How to update NameServers in Godaddy and Add iPage hosting?

This video explains how to update nameservers of new domain names with ipage hosting account. To do this update first follow this steps:

In Godaddy account:

1. Login to Godaddy account
2. Click on Manage DNS
3. Scroll down to NAMESERVERS and click on “Change”
4. Now choose your new nameservers type as CUSTOM
5. Then update the nameservers of iPage hosting shown in the video.
6. Finally, SAVE it

In iPage account :

1. Loin into iPage account
2. Go to cPanel – Domain – Domain central
3. Add the new domain name or if you are configuring root domain name keep the POINTERS as “Home Directory” or in case of new domain name choose “Subdirectory”
4. Save the changes.

For Demo I picked 2 sources:

1. Godaddy:

Godaddy is the world most popular domain registration services. Try to register your new domain name here. Here I am providing a new special discount link. If you use this link you will get a new domain name at $1 to $2 per year.


2. iPage Hosting :

iPage is one of the cheap and reliable Top Web Hosting Company. This is a very good option for basic bloggers and existing bloggers. The pricing of this hosting fits into our daily budget. Personally, I am suggesting for my new clients this ipage hosting service.

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