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hi everyone and welcome to named hero calm today I want to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to migrate your website over from Hostgator to named hero we’ve actually had this requests a lot especially from our resellers that are looking to move over their clients or just want to move their own website so we’re from using Hostgator and move a move over to name hero now I want to remind you during your first 30 days at named hero we offer
complimentary migrations meaning just open its use open a new ticket with us and say hey we want to move this website and as long as it’s on cPanel we can move it very quickly now if it’s outside that 30 days I’m gonna show you exactly what you need to do right now and our support teams always standing by to help you out and we can always give you a rate if it fills for you but it is very simple okay so right now I’m on the main page here at
named hero com so the first thing to get in your your website transferred away from Hostgator is signing up with us okay so let’s just go back here to the first slide and on the main page and this is for our basic cloud hosting account so that’s what I’m going to demonstrate with here you might have a reseller account or even a managed server but it’s all gonna work the same way to transfer your site over okay so the first thing you do is decide
you know how much of a package do you need if it’s just one website you can start off with their starter package now I highly recommend going with our three-year price because you get the best deal and you also get a free domain so if you’re reading over your current website it’s most likely you already have a domain so you can still claim this freedom domain later on just simply open a ticket to our support team say our billing team say hey guys
you know I want to claim that free domain and we’ll make sure that’s added to your account that’s the cool thing about name heroes we offer these free domains with our hosting accounts ok but for this we’re going to say that I’ve already got my domain and I just want to transfer it over so right now here’s our domain that’s at Hostgator currently it’s called website hero net ok so this this is the domain that we’re going to use in our shopping
cart here at name here so we’re going to enter this we’re gonna remove the TLD remove the www I’m gonna put net so there we go website hero and then the dotnet just goes right here so we’ll click use okay and you can see we’ve selected our billing cycle if we want to add any add-on such as a dedicated IP address some people like to use that for SEO reasons some people also like to add a SSL certificate so they can access the site HTTPS and so
those options are both available to you if you’d like for this demonstration I’m not going to check them ok and you can see now we are ready to make our purchase ok so just give me a second I’m going to pause this video I complete the purchase and then we’ll continue to transfer our site from Hostgator and once we get paid we get to a screen that looks just like this we’ll click here to continue to the client area so we’ll go here and we’ll see
we have our website he wrote dotnet so we can confirm everything is is right here and it’s set up ready to go ready to start using we can click login to cPanel and you can see that we will be right here in the cPanel and this is the same piece of software that Hostgator uses ours is just more up to date and in my opinion it’s a lot cleaner because we don’t load ours down with a bunch of ads because we’re not trying to milk you for every penny
we’re trying to provide a very good hosting experience okay so the next step is to getting your site transferred to named hero from Hostgator now for this example I’m using just a traditional WordPress blog okay so the first thing you would want to do is you would want to go over here and you would want to submit a ticket to our support team so we’re just going to simply go to tickets and we would want to go to open a ticket yeah we would choose
technical support and we would say migration from who skater and you’re simply to our team hello you that’s it you just need to ask our team for the restored details and this is the penet on your account and once again if you want to give us your cPanel information username and password you can put it in this ticket will do it all for you but this is for those that we should do it yourself or if you’re a reseller and you’re wanting to do this for
your clients it’s very simple but you need to have the restore server details okay so now we’re gonna go back to so what you have these you go ahead and submit your ticket and these will be provided to you almost within 15 minutes sometimes a little bit less but within within the hour you should have the restore details so now we’re gonna go to Hostgator is control panel so here we are in Hostgator cPanel now we’re gonna say no thank you okay so
now we’re looking for backup now they kind of make this hard to find because if I if I just type in fine and go to backup there I can see there’s some backup statistics there’s a bunch of stuff around here they’re trying to sell me some stuff but this is the one I want right here and I’ll zoom in here so you can see that I want to click backups okay as soon as I click this this is the area where you’re going entry you’re going to enter the
restore server’s information okay so you can see there’s a bunch of stuff here going on but you don’t have to worry you only need to click download a full website backup now don’t worry you’re not have to download this to your computer because that would take too long so we’re gonna click remote FTP server okay now we’re gonna leave our email address in here now I’ve used a different one than my name here oh email so the Hostgator team doesn’t
see I’m trying to pull people away but I’m trying to help them out anyway so you’re gonna put your email address in here it’s gonna let you know when the transfer is finished now if you would like you can put this as our support team email so our support team knows so if you want to you can type in support at name hero comm and our support team will know when it’s over and they can restore it because the final piece of the puzzle has to be
completed by them okay so the next thing is you want to enter the restore server details so if we go to here and we can go back to my services you can see that we’re currently purchased on Luke that’s the server name or the node that you’re being hosted on it named Europe so this is so when the support team comes back they’re going to give you information on how to move your site over to Luke so it’s gonna look something like this might be a
little bit different for you but we’re going to interloop that US web post comm we’re going into the username restore and then we’re going to enter the password and they’ll give you the unique password and then finally we will enter port 21 okay so that’s all we need to do and we click generate backup okay so now this at this point in time it takes just a few minutes for their server to start seeing it but at this point in time your entire
website is being sent over to us at named hero com now again if you entered our email address then we’re gonna get a notification when it comes in now if you go to yours that’s fine all you need to do is go back to our support area and in that same ticket that you asked for the restore information ask us say hey guys my site is now on the restore server could you please bring it back online and that’s all there is to it it’s that simple as soon
as it as soon as you get the confirmation email then as soon as you get that then we will be able to bring the website back online they offer you to give me just a second here what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pause this video while the website sends to us and I’m gonna restore it and then I will show you how easy it is to bring it back online but @name hero com give me a second all right so once our support team has the email from your Hostgator
control panel where you let them know hey you know we’ve received the full backup or the full backup is completed we bring the site back online and all you need to do then is go to my domains and this is assuming that you’re hosting your domain with us if not that’s fine you just need to do this at your domain registrar let’s go to demo go in and the last thing we have to do is change the name servers and these are going to be right here and
under my services so if we click right here into website hero net you’ll see in s seven in NS eight so we’ll take these and just pay season here and replace them with the hostgator ones and click Change now once these are change it might take anywhere from two hours to 24 hours depending on where you’re located geographically if you’re looking at the United States or in Canada normally it does take about two hours but you can see we have a note
that says allow for up to 24 hours for propagation so that’s the thing I recommend if you’re wanting to move from hostgator don’t cancel your account with them until about 24 hours so if your visitors are hitting that old DNS server that they can still view it on the Hostgator servers or our servers but it’s as simple as that and then you can see everything is good to go and you know your site loads up and and your everything is just how it was
when you had it at Hostgator so once again very simple we just go into the Hostgator control panel we click on backup I’ll walk you back through it here one more time just to make sure and once we get to backup we’re going to do a remote FTP server this information here will be provided by our support team we’ll give you the server the username the password and the port you don’t have to worry about directory you enter your email address in here
or you can enter our email address either one click generate backup let us know when it’s finished or if you enjoy our email then we’ll know when it’s finished either way just follow up with us make sure we know and then we’ll bring the account back online but it’s that simple and that easy to move your website over or to move your customers websites over there are some other ways that now is stuff that happens that this doesn’t go through which
we’ve seen sometimes hostgator blocks backups because in ayano’s limits so if that happens and we have to go through a little bit of manual process but nonetheless this solves about nine out of ten of them so if you have any questions on how to move your website to name hero feel free to comment below this video or on the blog post and let us know we be more than happy to help and additionally you can always open up a new ticket or give us a call
thanks a bunch everyone and welcome to name hero com