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trick I'm gonna show you a video on how to switch over your domain name over to Hostgator I've seen a few videos online on YouTube about this except that Namecheap has created their new website and it is pretty amazing but if you're not used to at first it might be hard to find so I figured I would make this quick video so first you want to go to in your account your name cheap account you can go to you want to go to your dashboard a section it's gonna have a list of your your domain names that you have I'm gonna go to the one I'm using is you sell me it's a new website I'm making from there you know at first I thought it was gonna be in sharing or advanced and so it defaults to Namecheap default and I actually overlook this even those on the you know on the first page so it defaults to this when you go there and you just need to find custom and put in your name server here so if you go to your cPanel in Hostgator so in your Hostgator cPanel you scroll all the way to the bottom the list of your name servers are gonna be here where are ya here we go your name servers are here at the bottom left hand side you copy paste put them here underneath custom one two and then save okay now to add that domain name you sell me I'm gonna add it into Hostgator I'm gonna go back to Hostgator and my cPanel I'm gonna go to add-on domains alright so it's just you sold and boom like that I think that's it yeah it looks like it worked think yep okay cool so yeah you sell dot media has been created if you wish to manage these two main files you can do in a file manager all right that's it so yeah a little problem there but if you saw that and what the www sell me when you're adding it on just you can just type in whatever your domain name is and they're gonna do it for you yeah and that's all I got so I hope this helps yeah check out my other videos I'm going to be posting some more on related topics Thanks .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]This video explains how to transfer your domain name/name server from the new Namecheap website to Hostgator.

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