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How To Transfer Domain From Namecheap To CloudFlare Instantly

Cloudflare offers you the cheapest domain Transfer and renewal services in the market at wholesale cost. In this video, we’ll see how a newbie can transfer their domain from Namecheap to Cloudflare. Currently, Cloudflare only offers you domain transfer so first of all, you have to add SSL to your domain then ahead over to transfer it simply.

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How to add the domain to Cloudflare then activate SSL?
How to transfer the domain to Cloudflare?
How to renew the domain at Cloudflare at the lowest cost?
How to release a domain from Namecheap to transfer instantly?

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assalamualaikum in this video we will see how you can transfer your domain from namecheap to cloudfare whether you want to avoid the high renewal fees of namecheap even the neem cheap is still very cheap but if you want more cheaper options like cloudflare who can renew your domain at wholesale ghost then you can transfer your domain from cloudflare as well so we’ll see how you can transfer your domain successfully to cloudflip because
cloudflare don’t allow users to register domains they only allow transfers so first of all you have to add ssl to your desired domain which you want to later on transfer add ssl and then we will transfer so let’s start in order to add your site at cloudflare you have to click add site first of all make sure log into cloudflare or maybe sign up if you haven’t account registered yet so after login click on add site option and then come to this text
box and enter your website address which you have already registered with namecheap after entering the address just click on add site and here it will show you the plan which you can get if you want more professional features for business related queries so there is a pro option business option and enterprise if your requirement are like these then you can select them as well but my requirements are suitable to get a free plan simple so just
click on this free and click continue it’s now scanning for existing dns records so transferring your domain from namecheap to cloudfare is very simple than transferring from other registrar so you just have to come below the scroll down and click continue and because i’ve already changed the name servers it’s just re redirecting me to quick start guide so you have to change the name servers first of all in order to change your name server just
go to your existing domain existing register domain and click manage option and then just go here domain and under this domain you can see the custom dns if you have already added if you’re not using the other hosting if you’re already using other hosting then it’s probably selected custom domain dns and here you have to enter the cloudflare name servers so enter a page there simply copy and paste there and click save button it will showing the
tick mark here at this place at this area and you can just click on this tick mark and it will automatically save here it may take up to 48 hours to update the dns so make sure that you have sufficient time before the expiration date so currently i have only one day up to one day your domain is going expiring so it’s saying that your domain is going expiring and showing the alert as well so let’s test that whether they will come into maine to
cloud first successfully in one day or in few minutes or few hours so let’s see we’ll experiment this so i’ve already added my website here and now i’m gonna reviewing the settings here and it’s saying that quick start improve security optimize performance summary so just click on get start it’s saying automatic http rights i’m just gonna save it just enable it it’s recommended always use https yes we want to use always https just turn it on
click save and now it’s saying auto minify for now i’m gonna just clicking the save button and it’s saying brutally speed up page load time for your vegetative applying brutally compression so it’s already enabled just click save and it’s the summary of all the selection you have made just click finish so now finally my domain has been added at cloudflare for ssl certificate it just take me hardly about 10 to 20 minutes to the ssl from uh to
cloudflare so now you can just go ahead and initiate the transfer if you have already watched my transfer from hostinger to cloudflare or google.d2 cloudfor you have already watched you maybe probably know that how you can transfer your domain to cloudflare just him to simply have to click the register button by the way the video links from go daddy to how hostinger to hostinger and godaddy transfer to cloudflare it already have made the links
are in the description you can watch them as well so you just have to click the register and here it’s showing the transfer domain with zero markup on renewals so just click on this so it just loads a little and then it will show you the domain which is gonna expiring in the near future so that name cheese the name cheap was offering me of renewal of about 13 point some cents but the cloud fair is offering me the renewable in the whole sale cost
which is 8.3 cents so which is uh far lower than the name cheap as with the so basically this is really cost effective so if you are not watching the video which i’ve reversed my decision to not renewing at the name cheap instead moving my domain from namecheap to cloudflare you can watch the video in which i have renewed my grace period domain which was expired at namecheap i forgotten to renew on the time and i unable to enable the auto renewal
so i decided to renew the grace period domain because you are no longer able to transfer your domain from another to another registrar if your domain has been already expired and passing the grace period so now i’m gonna renewing the domain at cloudflare just paying the renewal fees and going ahead to start the transfer just have to click confirm domains and now here it will require for the authentication code you have to get the authorization
code from the namecheap so how you can acquire this just have to go to namecheap and go to that domain management and go to share and transfer option it basically sharing and transfer option so under the sharing and transfer option there is our domain lock button you first of all have to unlock this domain unlock successfully and now click the auth code which is authorization code it will say that why you are transferring your domain out of name
cheap maybe pricing support is not good technical reasons other so my concern is about pricing and it’s okay to contact me in future to follow up on this case so if you want to follow with them about the renewal course and all that stuff you can talk to email and give them the feedback about yourself or about your experience so i’m gonna unchecking this for now and just click send code so now they are gonna sending the code to my email address so
finally i received the authorization code from namecheap namecheap send you the authorization code at your mailbox so they’ll send you within one to two minutes there’s a app code you just have to copy this and go back to cloudflare and paste this after pasting this it will load a little and confirm the authorization code so next step is just confirm authorization codes and there’s the personal details which will automatically fetch if you have
already added i’ve already added this so they automatically fetched it this is the final option so make sure you have sufficient from your in your account before so thankfully the domain has been now underway for transfer it’s saying that it may take up to five days to transfer domain cloudflare however you can request they release the domain earlier so now we’ll see that how we can immediately or within a few minutes or few hours transfer from
namecheap to cloudflare otherwise we have to wait five days but we have no such sufficient time to wait for because we have only one day or few hours left about 10 hours or maybe 20 yards for expiration this domain so simply go back to namecheap account so by default on the visual interface in the namecheap dashboard you will not find any direct option to instant release you have to go to your name cheap email registered email inbox you will see
the email like this domain transfer confirmation request and here you can see the small little link which is titled as website it’s saying that if you want to proceed with this transfer you do not need to respond this message if you wish to cancel the transfer please go to our website actually they also offer you the approve option as well when you go to this link you have to click on this website option this there will be a simple email in which
they ask for confirmation that they say that if we do not hear from you up to five days from now to five days when you request it for transfer at this time we will transfer it so if you want to transfer immediately just click on this and click on this upon this page click on approve button you will see that your domain name and domain name transfer confirmation of registrar transfer request and is attention with help for privacy purposes just
click approve and there’s a reject option on the right side just click on this approve option on the left side and it’s saying approved completed successfully and now your domain will be immediately or maybe in few minutes transferred to cloudflare so finally i received the email from cloudflare registrar within a one minute or maybe less than one minute that domain transfer complete so your domain is now registered with cloudflare so this is how
simple don’t have to wait up to five days or waiting for the expiration date or there’s no worries so finally my domain has been transferred to cloudflare and renewed at much lower cost which was offered by namecheap so this is how you can transfer your domain from namecheap to cloud5 if you have any question or i’ve missed something just comment below and ask me i will be happy to answer you thank you for watching this video allah hafiz