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How To Submit url in Google With HostGator | New Google Console Updated Method

How To Submit url in Google with HostGator the new updated method.

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If you have a brand new blog or website and you want to get it indexed into Google quickly you need to submit url into google.

Submit url in Google is a guaranteed way for the Google bots to crawl your blog to get it indexed into the google search engines quicker.

The more content you add to your blog the more google will regularly come back and crawl your site.

This will help all new blog content get indexed faster and help you get ranked to page one with the correct SEO.

In the video i show you how the google console works with HostGator.

If you use a different hosting company you will find it here –

Find your hosting and follow the prompts to submit url in Google.

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hi there this is Paul Evans from Empire and in this video I want to show you how to submit your out into Google so what you want to do is come to Google and put into Google console and then the top search here for Google search console click start now set up your account it’s free I’m going to just come here I’ve just added my blog here’s a brand new blog but what I’m gonna do I’m gonna add a brand new URL so you click on this
drop-down button go to add properties actually just added this one so if you go to add properties and put in your address without the www all the HTTP just put put your url there with no www or HTTP or anything like that just put your name and calm or whatever it is click continue and it tells you what to do here if you with GoDaddy or something but I’m actually with Hostgator I did purchase my domain through GoDaddy by forwarded to Hostgator so
now Hostgator is basically running it so what you just simply need to click copy so you’ve copied that prefix there and we go over to Hostgator so when you’ve locked into Hostgator you need to come down to advanced the zone editor click on that go to the domain that you’re looking for so I’m just going to get that one there get limiters freed on for the name you want to prep you want to put your actual domain name like that again it tells you on
here which sorry here where are we here so for Hostgator I’m gonna leave a link below here for this verify your domain so for Hostgator you want to click what whichever one you’re on if you’re not on Hostgator you’re on different hosting so I’m going to click on Hostgator here so tells you what to do I’ve got the record science the domain host yep done that so we’re signed into the portal Hostgator so this is what you need to do because we’re
adding a text verification it sighs what to do so what we need to do in that TTL section is enter 3 6 0 0 so in this part here you’ve entered 3 6 0 0 then in the address part that’s where you paste that link it must be your IP address because of what I change that to text so that’s why that’s just caught then so let me do that again so I’m doing on paste in that code I just got from your Google search console which is your copied from here I’ve
pasted that into there so you’re doing it with Hostgator that’s the things that you have to do in step so you have to say then just click add record now that’s added successfully come back to your console keep going to the wrong one and click verify it might not verify instantly and go green but it has in this case so ownership verified so that’s basically done and that’s how you add or submit a URL into Google so just say for example it’s a blog
post and I’ve just actually started up a blog post on my Empire blogger concepts just go here so this is the blog post I’m going to hit the block there click on this this the the first blog post I’ve just created you want to get the your out for that blog post and enter all for the blog post that you want to put in to verify in the Google console because this house you get indexed quick app into Google got to the top here click that instead click
enter and this is going to let you know if Google has indexed it or not and it has actually indexed it on mine it’s green tick if it hasn’t indexed it on yours yet you simply come to here and click request indexing and then that will then ping off to Google Google then crawl your website and get it indexed into Google so that’s basically how you get your brand new website or blog indexed into Google faster so then Google starts crawling your
website a lot more frequently there is an automated way to do every new blog post that you enter into your blog there is a way to automate the process instead of having to keep coming back to the google search console and add in each new blog post individually there is a another way to do this so I’m going to show you in a future video from this video so check out my channel subscribe to my youtube channel or like this video if you liked it and
if you’d like to get some more content valuable content from me subscribe to my channel and I will catch you in one of my upcoming videos I’ll be Paul Ellis from Empire I will see you in a future video thanks for watching