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hello this is Anastasia from Anastasia blogger.com today you are going to learn how to register your blog and Bluehost hosting to go to Bluehost please follow my link and Nastasya blogger comm slash Bluehost this is my affiliate link it will give you the best pricing for your hosting so you will see a green button get started now so press this this button so you will see three options of packages and I would recommend you to start with a basic paid package it's the least expensive so let's click here then you need to either enter your domain name if you have one already or if you are creating a brand new site and need a domain insert here the desired blog name and Bluehost will give it to you for free for one year now you need to add all your personal details please don't try to add any fake details that this information is the proof of your domain ownership okay here you can also choose one of the options you can pay per year or you can choose to pay for 36 months I would recommend this option because it gives you the best price as well then you can uncheck this boxes because all of these options can be added later when you already run your blog so let's keep it great so insert here your payment information your credit card number and all the other details and then don't forget to check in the box for accepting you in terms of service submit great now we are registered on Bluehost and we need to create a password for your hosting make sure that you create a really secure password because this is the access to your site and if anyone gets access to it you pretty much can lose all your side and all the work you've done on it I believe with terms and conditions again click next let's try to log in and see what happens trying to install WordPress theme you can choose one of these themes depending on what audience you're working for what is your niche what you like simply let's keep the step for now and see what happens nice now you can go straight to setting up your site in WordPress just click start building you're asked now to set up title and description for your site when you think of them keep in mind that this too should include some keywords relevant to your niche however if you don't have had time now to think about it you can just set it at anything and then change it later next step so I'm ready to create your first post right so go to the Left menu find posts click add new and insert your first post title let's write here some text look to the right side you have button publish click on it you need to click on View Post this is how your site looks with the default WordPress theme but you can change it later for now what's important that your site is live and running if anything went wrong during the process you can find on Bluehost side support chat window and contact their representative ask them all the questions you may have so you are set up with a new blog congratulations and have a great day .

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