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How To Show Upcoming Event Listing With #Elementor In #WordPress

Are you very new to WordPress and looking out for ways to set up your page? Try Elementor!

It is one of those free plugins that help you customize your website page very easily.

Elementor works seamlessly with almost any WordPress theme.

The following steps will enable an individual to install the Elementor plugin:
1. Go to Dashboard -click on- Plugins -click on- New Plugin.
2. Next search for the Elementor plugin in the search box.
3. Post which you need to install and activate the “Elementor” plugin.

Since we have now installed this plugin, we now need to build the event listing page. Working on the template with the Elementor plugin is easy. Hence, the new page so created needs to now be edited with the Elemnetor plugin.

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to edit your page.

4. A new page where all the event listings need to be displayed needs to be created. To do that, go to Admin -click on- Pages -click on- Add new.
5. Enter the name of the page “Upcoming Event Listing” and edit it with Elementor.
6. You will be redirected to drag and drop desks using which the page now needs to be built. Under the search option, search for Upcoming Event Listing and drag the widget to the page.
7. Setup widget setting as per your requirement and update.
8. After the update, you can now see the changes on your actual page.

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