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Σ Sigma Hosting is mainly a video tutorial website that make it easier for you to search within the transcript of videos for solutions of problems you might face during your journey in dealing with different webhosting companies. So, we are very sorry if the text is not well organized and we may work on it in the future but for now we hope you get the benefit mainly from the video then you may need to have a look on the transcript. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

everybody I'm just gonna show you how to set up your wigs landing page if you have sent in your email address for a landing page you're going to receive an email like this from you're going to click on the accept transfer once you've clicked it you're gonna be taken to your website I'm just going to sign into my wigs account and I'm going to show you what you need to do to get your landing page is set up now you're going to have to edit it add your details and whatever you want to do you can change the background you could change anything just make sure that you you save your work watch it once you're done with it so let's get right into this once I sign into my account with sent the test page so let's do this so once you click and get into your Wix account if you're not creating I thought you're going to be asked if you want to create an account and once you've done that you can get in now you're probably going to see if we don't have any other website this is something I didn't fall through and what it is deleted so don't worry about that I was going to go right into this so it's gonna appear right here probably in the middle to get started just going over around it and click on the quick actions drop-down button you're gonna go right to either you know or rename the site you can click it you want to transfer the site did somebody else you can do Bill going to do that later I'm gonna just click on select and edit the site and just enter the details that I want to enter on the side now the site is going to come with all the details alignment everything said all you need to do is learn how to edit you need here's hyperlink your science indirectly in fact this is the page that you're going to see when you when you click the first time and accept the invite you're going to see it right here in the middle so to do that you could either click on the left hand side you can click the edit site at the bottom on the left or you can click it right in the middle which says site actions you click on this and you say it is site and it's going to open into a new window you load the site editor the website editor and then from there you're going to go and it did whatever you want to edit your referral code you can enter your referral code you know do a couple of things it's quite simple so let's let's get this done let's just wait for the site to open up and we can go with it it does take a few minutes due to load up depending on your connection and um you know my computer is an old computer so it is a bit slow so please bear with me and the good thing about this is once you learn how to do this you could teach your downline to do it because I believe that we're gonna have a huge team and you're gonna have a huge team as well so learning how to do this is going to help you set up the landing pages for your downline and get them set up to build their team and that's a good thing there you go so this is what you're gonna say you can click anywhere you if you want to check this is the header the cloud token I would suggest just leave that alone leave the rest of it alone state of the art next level technology store exchange urn and Spencers from the website so we just use the tagline on the website now you've got these two buttons here it's gonna have the link pre-loaded on it where you can download it from the Google Play Store or the App Store not in if you want to change all you need to do just click on it and you gonna see change image you're gonna set things you're gonna see design you're gonna see the crop filters animation anybody see linked now if you click on this link this chain link it's going to show you the option that you have on the left hand side you'll see non web address page anchor all this kind of stuff but what you're gonna do is you're gonna you're going to make sure that web address is clicked because you're sending it to a download page for the Google Play Store so I've already set the address right there so you don't need to change that you can just leave that thick down on it and just scroll down to the page keep scrolling down and you're gonna come right here now you're gonna just leave this make sure that you don't change this discover how the two nice employers and distributed ledger wallet have phrases six to twelve thousand monthly because this six to twelve percent is mentioned on Jarvis when you click on it so we've set up the headings the video is embedded in your side now if you do want to change the background image you're seeing a background image we do want to change the background image you can go to the left hand side you're going to click on background and wait for the bar to open up you can you can add these videos if you want to your background image or your with your background video but if you do change it you're gonna have to make sure that the text is visible already so you could change this anytime you want you could change it to an image if you change it to a color or you could change it to video and I'm not going to change it I'm just going to leave it as this I'm gonna show you right why you need to change your referral link or your reference code rather so you're going to scroll down to which is heading two you're going to enter the referral code you double click it and it's gonna say edit text you click on the edit text it's going to highlight the text what are you gonna do is you're gonna come you it's gonna select this and you're going to say so you just going to add the numbers ten numbers you've got on your referral code you spin it and those numbers there and you're just gonna close this small window you could change the color of the text right here you see you can change that you can make it bold italics underline you can change the heading science if you do change the heading size you're gonna have to work around with the layout and change a lot of things so I'm just going to show you how to do the text edit the text change the color it's gonna change the color you can change the color you can change it choose any of this color that you want to and click close it it's going to automatically close if you change the colors so I'm not changing the colorful some it's going to leave it as it is because it goes well with it now what I've done is you've got these two balance here I have this copy the ones from profit pasted them here so you don't need to measure on with any of this stuff just leave it as it is if you scroll down further done you're gonna see it says how to install the app and it's got a pig here button now the click here button is a page that's been embedded in the website in this landing page it has it videos to how to install the app on your phone how to set up your group will authenticate to how the fun job is how to fund your wallet how to activate Chaves all of that is right here I'm gonna go into that little later but but for now it's right here you don't even change anything you're right you scroll down you're gonna see these two icons here the telegram icon and the Facebook icon so these are hyperlinked what it means it means it's connected to a link that people can click on so you're gonna have to click on tell it run and you're going to click on the link again here and you need to have a diagram user name so make sure you select the web address and it's going to be telegram user name is something like this entity if he has stolen that would slash T dot M e / my use my username for telegram is I don't know kW crypt or whatever so and once I say done I'm saving the link on to this so if somebody clicks this it's going to open up the telegram window for them to message you directly now you gotta do the same for Facebook you're gonna click on Facebook you're going to click on the link you're gonna go to your Facebook account and copy the URL paste it there and save done now to do that you go to Facebook you see on top you're going to see right just like here it says edit a week's time you gonna see your URL copy URL put it there and once you've done click the Save button now this is saving it for the desktop view if someone from what is viewing your website on the desktop you're going to see their you could also immediately come right here and change this instead of it saying website dot one you can edit and you can say CTO site or whatever whatever you want to to name it and just say okay so it's going to change that to that the name that's going to be the name of your site so you gotta say done and you're going to save it again made any changes you're gonna save it though it's also save I recommend that you save it so that you don't lose whatever work you have done and once you've done that you can scroll down and see the last portion of the page it's the disclaimer you don't need to change anything right here what you need to do is not because this is your desktop view you don't because we're using an app on a phone you're gonna send the link out to people who use on a telephone on a smart phone so you're gonna come right on top here it says switch to mobile this is the mobile view when I click on it and it's going to appear it's going to show you exactly how your website is going to look on the mobile so this is how it's going to look now if you have not changed the background image it's going to show you the back same background image okay you don't need to edit anything here again because it's gonna be the same what you have edited on the desktop version the number it's going to be the same let me just show that she was here right it's right here I edited the reference code 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 it's right here because I've done it on the desktop side it's going to show right up here but if you do change the background on the desktop version you're gonna have to come here you're gonna have to click on the left hand side which is background you're gonna have to find the same image and upload it here click it's here so it's going to load onto the mobile interface now you basically don't have to do anything if you don't mess around with the background you're not going to have to worry about anything here except you come to this bar on the small the small circle you're gonna click it this is a quick action bar you're gonna click it and you're going to set it up so you're gonna say stick on the setup with action you click on it it's going to open up to two different thing this is the first one if you want to do is open up Facebook click on a small circle on the right hand side and click setup and again you're going to and your website address facebook URL right here you're gonna say open to a new window but by default and you're gonna say done and when you do that it's going to lock in your Facebook link so if anybody clicks this small icon while they are viewing your website your landing page they will be able to send you a text message or message on your facebook Messenger now the chat that's here it's default if somebody clicks on this chat or this button that's right here it's good they're going to be able to send you messages that would appear in your email now you could also download the week's web where the app works on the Google Play Store I believe it's there for the Android as well the iOS as well and if you do download it then you're going to get messages through that app to the Wix app on your phone so once you've changed your Facebook to your your address you're going to click on close it you're going to click out of the box you're going to click saved now once you've done this you're gonna have to publish your site it says don't show this again so it reminds you that you need to publish your site if you don't publish your site nobody's going to be able to view it you're not going to be able to have the URL shared to anybody so split closed come here and click on the top right hand corner you're going to click publish just wait for it to load once it gives you the tick that means it's published you're going to copy this address this is your long URL you're going to copy this address and you're going to say it's poppy that and I'm gonna say it done now what you're gonna do is also you're gonna because that's a long URL we want you to have a short URL so they can put it on the rotator that page and also easily share it with people so you're gonna just go right here you don't need to worry about this because once it's published you can close this page you can go to bitly comm for you to go to any other shop URL a tiny URL page and you're going to change your long URL and make it a short URL I've also done another video and post it on the Facebook group so you can have a look at that as well but since we are right here it's do that and so this is one of mine I'm going to click free it I'm gonna paste along your right here and I'm going to say create so it's given me one it says to see CTO test this name of the website I could actually customize it if I want just gonna take this off and go see a CT over test see to your test and I'm gonna say it's saved and it says bit link has been edited so that is my link so you're gonna copy this again or you just get copy right here on the top and you could share it if you click right here itself and share it to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter you can see right here it appears right you can do that but that's the link that you're going to copy look at it's right here again if you just copy this link from here if you need and send it to us we're gonna put this link this is the link that we're gonna put on the rotator that is sent out to the master link so that's basically what you need to do if you go back to your dashboard you're going to see all of these things right yet you click on the side action you're going to see all of these options side previews I get it name rename sign duplicate self on suicide I had contributors move to trash or create new site now if you are building a team and you've got downline and you want to share your website with them your landing page with them all you need to do is come to this place click on site actions you're gonna click on duplicate site first this is important click on duplicate site it's going to open up our tab you're gonna say you can just leave it as it is see if your test copy so you can identify it as a copy you can just skip the duplicate once you do that you're gonna have a duplicate of your site you're gonna have another site exactly like the one you have created now with the duplicate side you can transfer the duplicate site to one of your downline and help them get their landing page and ready all you need to do is now just click on my sites on the top left hand side on the right next two weeks because my sites is going to show you both besides your site that has been published as well as the duplicate site so if you were transfer now let's say you want to transfer your site to somebody else now if you look at this it says it gives me the address right here because it's already published but if you look at this one it says not published so now let's say you've got Tom or whoever I signed up under you and you want to just give them the same website and they can watch this video how to set it up so you can just come here over around the quick actions click on it and you can say transfer site once you click the transfer site you've got a couple of options they're going to ask you you could enter that person's email address there whatever it is tom at okay now you could stay as a contributor if you want to do to help you your downline get set up or if you don't want if you just take that off now if you've got multiple come to be a downline coming in and you want to give them all a landing page all you need to do is click the second option that says create a copy of this site and keep it in my account so I don't want to send this because I don't know if there's somebody called Tom at so I'm going to click Next okay let me just put my my own address another one okay I just used my other email address the one I've already posed I use I'm just going to click that and say create a copy of the site giving Makhan I'm gonna say next that says a tick mark which is create a copy of the website and says I confirm that by transferring the sign to Karl Walker is the it becomes the owner decides and all media including any third-party cells like what this means is whatever you have created on your site including the landing page everything is going to stay right there all they need to do is just edit it just like you're gonna you edited the site that I sent you click transfer ownership and your downline is going to have three days before they before the invite expires like here it says here inviting space x-files in three days so they need to quickly go in and work on it edit this side and publish it so you say Garten is done now i want to show you something important as well now let's just let this load up once again okay so this is the side that we've edited and published I want to show you one more thing on that before we in this tutorial video click on select and edit site let it load up it takes a few seconds to to load let's just hit it right here on the left hand side okay let's say it it's site it opens up to the website editor it's cute a few seconds to load up hope you guys are learning something and you're going to use this to build your team giving away free landing pages to your team is a great way to motivate them to to recruit and to bring in people introduce the business opportunity CTO to to people because all the information is on one single page you don't have to go anywhere else you don't have to ask questions if you just go through the information that is on the landing page what's the videos you be able to set up your CTO app in no time and if you do have further questions you want to read this white paper or you want to see other videos or interviews with Ron and I just reach out to your upline and get the videos from them and you can share the same videos to your prospects you could also add more videos more links to your website when you're free just go through this the options that you have you got a lot of options on the left hand side right here you've got Cheney but add pages if you do not add any page to this right now because if you had a page it's gonna appear right here you don't want to do that you've got you can change your background you could add a variety of other stuff that they could add apps to your website you could play around with a lot of stuff and add it and make your site better or worse so whatever I say was if I was talking about this link that's right here on section 2 how to install the app and click here and this button is connected to another page where you've got all the videos so if you come to the top you see this page says home if you click on the drop-down arrow is going to show you two pages one it says how set up into your app and once it's all set up install easy to add now one of them is a a PDF document or at least a document file the other is the page where you have all your video links so you're gonna click on the first one and let it load up so right there you got all the app these are the apps that sorry these are the videos that I've loaded on the face on YouTube and connected it here so you're gonna see how to set up your app how to set up Google Authenticator in sitio app how to fund your wallet how to activate your javis now you could add any amount of videos that you want here because embed into your website and to do that you're gonna click Add and you're gonna select whatever you want whether it's a video or an image you could add text if you want to put a text like this you're gonna click on the text you're gonna add a heading for adding three depending on what size you want it it's gonna appear there edit it if you want to add a video you can add video right here it's down this go around to the video and you're gonna see a variety of videos so if you've got other videos that you want to put in from Vimeo you want to put a new tube or dailymotion audio just come here drag this down and then resize the window to whatever size you wanted and remember what ever you do link it to the video but make sure that you click Save button to save button once you click the Save button and publish your site hit the publish again if you make any changes hit the publish button again and if you publish whatever changes you have onto your website so that's it guys I know it's a little bit a lot of things to take in for the first time if you're going to do this but you do it once twice and you are good to go you're going to be a professional and so you'll be able to change this and you're gonna put this up onto the order of Facebook page and our telegram Channel so to help our team members set up the landing pages and get new prospects so so that's about it hope this out .

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