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How to Setup NameCheap Domain to GoDaddy Hosting Account.

There are some steps for Setup NameCheap Domain to GoDaddy Hosting Account. First you need to go your c-panel on GoDaddy also you need to go NameCheap account for Setup domain in GoDaddy account.

step 1.
Go to your Godaddy account.
Enter your Username and password.
sign in your account.

Step 2
Select your web hosting panel and click the manage button.
This is your hosting account.
Click cPanel Admin button.

Step 3.
go to Addon domain section.
enter your domain name.
click add domain button.
Here is already domain added so I do not click add domain button.

Step 4.
go to the home section of your c panel.
Search DNS manager.
Click DNS manager.
Here, Select your domain which you want DNS to manage or point in Godaddy hosting from NameCheap.
Click Manage DNS.
Here are 2 name server name one is primary and another is secondary.

Step 5.
go to NameCheap account.
Sign in your account.
go to domain list.
Chose your domain name which you set up in GoDaddy account. Here are I chose my domain name which is I set up in GoDaddy account.
Please chose custom DNS.
Enter the primary DNS from GoDaddy. and fill in the first section.
Also chose secondary DNS from Godaddy and fill in the second section.
and press the check icon for save server name.

After this process, your domain successfully set on the GoDaddy hosting C-panel.