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How To Setup & Install WordPress on InMotion Hosting In Less Than 5 Minutes

How To Setup & Install WordPress on InMotion Hosting In Less Than 5 Minutes

In this short tutorial, learn how to setup & install wordpress on an Inmotion Hosting Account in less than 5 minutes. BOOM.

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alright so today I’m going to show you guys how to set up an install WordPress on your inmotion hosting account now in motion is slightly different from some other cpanel interfaces that you’ll deal with like hostgator or bluehost but it’s still really really simple they probably make it easier than anyone else I know so what you do is you just sign in on your in motion site and show up in your account management panel by a MP right here from
this screen you’re basically going to scroll down to your quick quick links section you’re going to click get started on your website and you’re just going to click it it’s going to ask you if you want to create a new website or move to an existing website for this account you’re going to create a new website and it’s going to ask you how you want to build it you basically say hey I want to use WordPress because that’s the software already use to
build your site so you click on this and it gives you a check box here and so it’s got a bunch of different pieces of software that you can choose to install we’re just going to go ahead and choose WordPress there’s a bunch of other stuff here joomla drupal cube card zen-cart we don’t want any of those were installing WordPress because we want to start a blog or website right here and it’s going to be really quick so we’re gonna click Submit and
it takes us right here so right here it says okay we’ve selected WordPress it’s going to be on a new website and what we want to do right now is go to install so we’re going to click on the link that says go to install oh alright so now we’re at the install section now once we run through this we’re pretty much done so there’s going to be really really quick and it’s going to be really simple so first of all we’re going to choose a protocol is
going to be HTTP that’s fine you can leave it there and we’re going to choose the domain I’m setting this up for my brother Jason Runyan so we’re going to leave it at Jason Runyon got me you’re welcome Jason you can thank me later we’re gonna leave it at the root directory so if you want to install this blog at Jason run you got me / blog you could type in / blog at this point and that would install it into a subfolder but right now we’re just
going to install it at the root domain which is going to be totally fun and most of you guys will probably want to do that we’re gonna leave all these other fields blank but when we get down to site settings we’re gonna hit sitename we’re going to type in what the name of the site is going to be so Jason Runyan and then you can siphon your site name and site description right there after that you can choose to enable multi site feature or not
most of you guys are not going to need the multi-site feature but if you know that you’re going to need it go ahead and put that in here you’re going to select your username and password and then you can also choose your admin email after that you can choose your language most you guys going to leave it English which is the default you can click here and see the Advanced Options and get notifications on updates but you don’t really have to do
that either once we get that done all you’re going to do is click this install button and boom you’re going to wait a few seconds there we go so what previously I’ll show you guys what the site looks like before we installed this so right it was basically just an in motion landing page website coming soon stay tuned not really anything that exciting so now that we’ve got this installed we’re going to refresh this page and there we go there’s our
default WordPress install and so if you guys watch the next couple videos I’ll show you how to actually customize your default WordPress install and get your site looking a little bit more customized a little bit prettier but that’s how you install WordPress on your inmotion hosting environment so if you guys any more questions you can leave them in the comments below but check out the next video where I show you how to install a theme and a
child theme and then also customize the site to look however you want it to look so thanks for watching guys and I’ll see you on the next videos you you