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How to Setup Godaddy Domain Name on Shopify Account | A Quick Tutorial

Exactly how to set up a GoDaddy domain name on your Shopify account.

Get Shopify Account *

Log into the back-end of your Shopify account. You’ll see an option to Add your own domain where you’ll click on the add domain button. You can also click on Online Store on the left and then click on Domains, also on the left. Click on Connect existing domain.

Type in the domain you’d like to connect in the empty field and click on Next. On the next screen, click on the Connect Automatically option. It will pull up GoDaddy in a separate window (make sure you’re already signed into your GoDaddy account). Click on Connect.

You should see a Success! message, so you can go ahead and click on Close window. That’s it – you’ve now set up a GoDaddy domain name on a Shopify account.

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