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How to setup custom domain in blogger with godaddy

In this tutorial I’ll be showing How to setup custom domain in blogger with godaddy. My domain provider in this case is If your domain provider is different, don’t worry you can still use the same method to setup custom domain on blogger.

To setup custom domain on blogger you need to follow the following steps.

First log in to blogger and go to settings panel.
There in settings in publishing section , you will see blog address. In that tab just look for ‘Set up third-party domain for your blog’ . It is usually found below the edit section of blog address.

Click on that text and you will see input field to type your domain.
Type the domain which you want to setup for the blogger.

My domain is which I want to setup for my blog. If your domain provider is other than godaddy and you find it hard to setup custom domain on blogger with 1& or
custom domain on blogger
custom domain on blogger :
or any other domain provider just let me know in the comment section

Ok now once you type your domain name in the blogger address section click OK. Make sure you type top level domain name and not naked domain. You should type like this :

Once you clicked OK . It will give you two pieces of information which is actually the CNAMEs records for your blog address and you need to add these records to your domain using DNS settings in the domain section.

So for that log in to your domain panel where your domain settings is provided. My case is . I logged in and my domain was listed on front page. I click the settings bar for my domain and two options appears.
1. Domain Settings
2. DNS Settings

I clicked DNS Settings ( you will also need to do the same steps in order to setup custom domain on blogger ).

Now here I need to pick the host and destination (points to) records from blogger and add it here in the DNS Settings.

In godaddy you will by default find www as host pointing to @.
So just click on edit for www and replace @ for you specific points to address. Which in blogger case is :

Second is to pick the specific records from blogger and add it to DNS Settings . It is always unique for every blog so make sure you don’t mess it up otherwise it will not work fine.

After adding these two records jump to blogger and click save . It will look for the records, if it is added correctly for the domain it will save it without any error and then your domain will be pointing to you blogger. That’s all you need to setup custom domain on blogger with godaddy domain names.

Before you move onto the final step, wait about an hour for your DNS settings to activate. If you attempt the final step before your settings are activated, You will get a warning message.My case was very easy as it took no time to setup but for some domains it may take time so don’t worry for error , just wait for the dns settings to be activated.

And one more thing after successfully saving it, click the edit button and you will see one new option .
So make sure you click the redirection option saying :
Redirect to

So checking the option will make your domain more accurate as some users may type naked domain directly so if this option was checked it will redirect it automatically to top level domain with www as well .

Optional: You can also enter A-records, which links your naked domain ( to an actual site ( If you skip this step, visitors who leave off the “www” will see an error page.

You can also check full detail instructions of how to setup custom domain with any domain provider @ :

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