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How to Setup a Website from Filezilla In iPage Hosting

How to Setup a Website from Filezilla In iPage Hosting

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In this video tutorial I’m talk that how to setup a website from filezilla In iPage hosting

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[Applause] this is part one of maybe on this might be the only video actually of website management for beginners so just a little backstory about why I’m making this video for its last videos is because I started to learn web design you know just basic HTML and the CSS and I was able to make folders on my own computer but I wasn’t really sure about you know how to make an actual website I knew how to make you know a quote-unquote website
on my computer and open it in Chrome but it’s not publicly available it’s on my local host so today I’m gonna help you guys to make a website from the very basics so I’m not gonna be you know going into WordPress or anything like that in this video at least it’s just gonna be about transferring files from your computer your workstation to a web server and how to basically start a website I’m gonna cover hosting and domains so here we go so I
included a a link in the description where you can go to start a website now I recommend I page it’s I just don’t I just recommend I page I use I page for all my customers everyone that I make websites for I use it for my own personal use this new the fact that they’re really really cheap but they’re not like cheap and you don’t get quality service they’re 24/7 support service which is phenomenal I mean I mean the most I’ve waited for service was
five minutes and so they’re from phenomenal with that you know I paid thirty dollars for a year of hosting unlimited hosting and in a domain name and I was able to get site lock as well which was included so you just click on the link I provided in the description and hit sign up now once he hit sign up now oh give it a second it will ask you what website name do you want so do you want you know for example Google Doc I mean obviously you can buy but you know your website name and then dot whatever though they’ll give you a list of other TLDs top-level domains you know top-level domain is net dot biz dot you know etc so you’ll type that in you’ll buy it and I also I recommend domain privacy it’s not I mean it’s not needed but it’s really nice to have because you could do a who is search on every website and if you do not get domain privacy people can find out your address
your full name phone number etc so I recommend getting that especially if you’re gonna be posting controversial things with a lot of traffic on your website so once you you know do all that you will then go to your domain control panel it is it is laid out it you know I’ve used one on one and other sites and this is simple this is as simple as it can get you go to website and you get all these your email domain so what I recommend for the
beginner is just to mainly worry about FTP and file manager FTP is File Transfer Protocol and that’s what you’ll be using to transfer files from your computer to your web server ok so you’ll need an FTP client and you know the industry standard industry standard is FileZilla which is this one right here you’ll have to download that but if you don’t want to download that you can use file manager I’m just gonna well I’ll show you both I guess so
you’ll download FileZilla and you’ll have to log into your account so what you’re gonna do is go to ft website and then FTP and then create an account ok so whatever you make your username and password Abid save that so you can log in to FileZilla so FileZilla will pop up like this and their host username and password your host is going to be FTP dot your domain name ok so whatever you made your domain to be that’s your login your username is
going to be the username you made on the FTP page and the password is going to be the pass-through made on the FTP page as well so you’re just gonna hit quick connect and it’s gonna retrieve a directory directory listing a forward slash now forward slash is your root directory so when someone types in X Y Z comm they’re gonna hit the root root file so basically the forward slash is the homepage you just think of it as that and the other folders
like store and you know other folders will be you know X Y Z com forward slash store for it / – this so the different folders you can organized by different dates you know just different you know links people can click on now the the duck you know the folders that say logs Jas images you won’t be able to access that online just do the fact that you don’t have index.html files so let’s find our you know the folder we’re gonna transfer over so I’m
actually gonna delete all this right now so I’m just gonna hit delete this might take a second actually okay so I was able to delete everything off my website and my website is now completely cleaned of everything so boosted banners calm doesn’t have anything on it anymore so you’re gonna find on the local site where you made your website now all you got to do is literally do this you click it and you drag it over and it’s going to start
uploading the files to your website and as simple as that there is nothing more to it and you’re just gonna let it upload and just let it be so I’ll come back once everything’s transferred over so everything transferred over let’s I don’t know what the website actually looks like I might have uploaded the wrong the wrong file I think this is right yep so that’s that’s it that’s basically it now let’s see much so now I will show you the file
manager side of things if you can’t FTP and you have to file manager which kind of sucks but you got to do what you got to do so this is actually my other website so basically let’s say let’s do this real quick so let’s say you have you know CSS folder fonts images JavaScript folder all you’re gonna do is come up here to the top left and you’re gonna click on root directory and then you’re gonna hit new directory and you’re gonna name it let’s
say the CSS folder and then basically you’re going to drag and drop all the files in the CSS folder into the one you just made it’s as simple as that now I’m not gonna get into actually scripting and I don’t know if you call it scripting but making making the website in HTML and CSS I’m not gonna get into that but that’s just basically uploading files to website just not to make it confusing so I’ll show you on notepad plus notepad plus plus so
let’s say right here making a link and I want it to go to my root directory so on my web server it’s forward slash now if I want the home button to go to the store I’m gonna you know forward slash store and I’ll go to the store folder or whatever you want it to go to the store folder and if you have another folder within the store folder and it’s shoes and then you get a women’s shoes or whatever it’s as easy as that yeah so that’s about it if
you guys have any questions feel free to shoot me a message but it’s pretty self-explanatory it’s really easy to do if you missed a spot just rewind and go back to the part where you missed today I covered pretty much everything so yeah I have a good one guys