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How To Setup A Web Hosting on Interserver

This guide will show you how to buy your interserver web hosting for just 1 dollar. It will also guide you on how to set up your WordPress site and link your domain from GoDaddy.

Follow this link to get started.

today i’m going to be showing you how to um buy your hosting service and how to get it started running so what you’re going to do is you’re going to come here to your browser and insert this link i’m going to have the link posted in the description and i’m going to send it to you guys on the group so you go to the link you visit the link and once you arrive here what i want you to do is you would have to log in first so you you’ll be creating
a new um account with them here so click the login button and set up an account so instead of logging in since you don’t have an account you’re going to be signing up instead so i’ll be signing up you can do i don’t need the accounts i have an account here before so i’m creating a new account now nice done and they will be sending me a confirmation code let me just get that ready yeah so i’m in here right now what you what i want you to do now is
you’re going to paste that link again that link i initially sent you you will be pasting it all over again into the browser so copy the link and paste it in the browser yeah so it’s going to bring you back to this page so you click this button here and you click on login again so once you log in it’s going to bring you back here so what you’re going to do from here is that you are going to uh you see this web hosting right here you need this so
what you’re going to do is you’re going to click buy now and then you come down you see this list right here this list i’ve selected here this draw down here you’re going to be clicking it and you’ll be going down all the way to stay home protection you can see this stay-home protection costs just one dollar and it’s going to give you three months but after three months you will be renewing it for five dollars so we are going to do now is you
insert your domain name which i expect you to have bought from if you have not bought your domain name from then inside time you went back there and go and get your domain name so let me just use any domain name from here so you’ll be inserting your domain name here instead of what i’m doing right now because i don’t need it this is just an example for you guys so it’s saying the domain is available i can buy it from here
too but we are not buying it from here so just click i have read the terms right here below here you clicking that then you’ll be clicking place order so it will take you to your payments page which is something like this uh you can use your card and you can use paypal if you have paper most people will definitely be using card so add your credit card and so what you’re going to do is just add your credit card i believe you can move from here and
and complete the payment from right here i wouldn’t be doing this i don’t need to do this since i will since i already have an account with them you get so i don’t have any reason to do this so once you are done paying then you come back to the next part of this video so uh i assume you have now made the payments and you are moving forward so what i expect you to do next is let me just log in first okay yeah this is my primary account here so
now you come here you click on one of your web hosting take for instance let me check this 4g gossips to bring you to this page you click on login to cpanel so it’s going to bring you to your control panel which is the which is also to your cpanel where we call it control panel so you come down all the way to wordpress to wordpress so you click on wordpress so you can see i have a wordpress on this account already or i can install another one
so you click on install now this is the latest version of wordpress you could you change this here at this drop down here you change it to https column slash backslash you leave this as it is if there’s anything here you clear it out in this box right here i’m editing right now you clear it out you have to leave it empty so give your blog a name let’s say uh lux teaches login i’ll just put that in the short side description leave enable multi
sites leave it empty leave admin username and admin password leave it empty you you can change the email address here to something you’ve used before to one of your email addresses i’m just going to change it to this if you want leave the language as that leave these ones to the way they are advanced don’t touch anything there just leave every everything as it is and come down to this place in advanced on the advanced you come down to
backup location so leave the defaults don’t touch the default but you’re going to change the don’t backup change it to once a week change it and leave four as it is calm down keep scrolling down down down and click on install click on install it’s going to install your wordpress for you instantly instantaneously you’re going to get your wordpress oh okay now i made a mistake here i made a mistake here up here under admin accounts as you can see
on the admin account you are not supposed to leave it empty even though you can leave it empty but to be sure do not leave it empty you need to insert your own uh details that you would like so you can call it uh lux as the username for the admin then give it a password something like this is strong right so just give it any password change the admin username and you’re good to go scroll down to install and install the wordpress so from there
you’ll find out that your wordpress is installed and after after that you can now go to your site’s name so it’s going to send you an email in your inbox that you’ve installed wordpress but you can actually follow that email but if you don’t want to for we that we are experienced we just go straight to the website so dot com slash wordpress admin so if your site is so your site will be your back end of your wordpress will be wordpress admin so you visit that and it’s going to take you directly to your domain to your website the back end of your website so you just have to log in and you can start installing wordpress from there in another video i’m going to uh show you guys how to edit your wordpress how to install teams and plugins so for now just get your hosting service ready and you can check the front end of the website because i check the back end
just now you can check check the front end which is i keep making mistakes and i don’t know why so you can see this is the front end of the website and the back end is where i just navigated form um i forgot to add this in the middle one thing you need to do is you need to connect your domain which you bought from godaddy you need to connect it to your wordpress which is on intel server you get so what you’re going to do is you go to
you go to and you’re going to login into your account you’re going to log into your account let me see uh let me see if i can get an account i’ve used before okay no no okay i have one here oh so yeah it has brought me to into my account so i would go to you click this uh avatar here this is it’s going to bring this page out go to manage domains manage domains it’s going to bring your domain out it’s going to show you your domain so
what you’re going to do now is you click additional settings additional settings they drop down for additional settings then you come down to manage dns money dns so it’s going to bring a page that looks like this initially when you just register the new domain under records you’ll see a list of strings and information there and something else will be here but what we will be doing is we’ll be changing the name servers so instead of uh using
godaddy’s name servers we are going to be changing the name servers that will be here it will be related to good id but you just change it click on change so to get your own name servers you come to your hosting page on what do you call it inter server your hosting page that page where you clicked login to cpanel or let me just show you guys let’s say this is the home this is the home right you come to you come under webos team then you click on
the uh hosting you are trying to get the domain registered for so once it brings you to this page you are going to copy this information here this dns server you’re going to copy it and then you’re going to paste it here i’m going to copy it one day and you’re going to paste it here you go back and copy the second one go back and copy the second one which is this and then you you paste it here then you save i’m not going to save it because i just
inserted something wrong there so you keep you once you click save it instantaneously connect your web uh your domain name to your website to your hosting it’s that simple it’s pretty straightforward once you click save here with that information it’s going to instantaneously connect your website and then you are done there simple as abc