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How to setup a Namecheap Domain on Siteground Hosting | New Interface

In today’s video I’m teaching you how to add new website into new Siteground web hosting interface, where to find nameservers and how to change nameservers on Namecheap registered domain. r

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Watch this video and learn how to point a domain registered at Namecheap to New Web Hosting SiteGround interface. In the video I setup new domain into SiteGround web hosting!r

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Inspired by Darrel Wilson: How to Install WordPress with Siteground Hosting
Inspired by Ferdy Korpershoek: Siteground Tutorial 2019 | 37 Awesome Features

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Spiro Kovac

hey everybody spero here from Spiro today City I’m gonna show you how to set up a name chip the main on Saigon web hosting salon has recently introduced a new web hosting portal so connecting the main into cell ground is now slightly different also named chip is definitely one of the best domain name registers and I’m using it myself for more than ten years and recommending to all my clients so no wonder I got this question recently
but before we go into it I just wanna let you know that here at my channel we talked about how to make money online how to feed your 9 to 5 and and your freedom so if you want to start your own online business grow your YouTube channel and make money online make sure you subscribe and hit that notification bell so you don’t miss any new videos now let’s go onto my computer and let’s do this together all right guys we’re now inside my computer and
over its iconic own and as you can see so over there at i’m already logged in into my account by the way if you guys don’t have a Saigon account and if you’re hosting with Hostgator or even GoDaddy I would strongly recommend you to check side ground and if you lose use link down below in description of this video that’s my affiliate link and I’ll get the tiny Commission with Zyklon knob so once you login into your sargon
panel you have to go over here and click on website once you are on a website’s panel all you have to do is click here create website and that will take us to the next step in this first step we have to select either new domain existing domain or temporary domain since we moving the main from a Namecheap or actually pointing domain from a name chip to cell ground web hosting if you wanna use an existing domain so click select and then add your
domain name here so my domain is blog on affiliate comp and then click continue and now we’re gonna get this notification that domain is not registered with sorry on account and that we should have access to that domain register in order to update our DNS settings so once you once you sure you have an access to the domain just click continue as you can see it will take you to the second step where we can set up a new website we can install a
brand new website whether or press or who commerce or something like that or we can migrate existing website you can also skip and create an empty website and that’s what we’re gonna select in this tutorial and now they’re trying to upsell us they trying to sell you southbound side scanner and I don’t think anyone needs this but yeah you know I’m not gonna add this so just click finish and now it says it might take up to two minutes to complete
your website creation yeah you look guys so far it looks very simple once this site is created on a Saigon side as you can see it took less than 15 seconds you’re gonna get these domain name servers and now you have to point your domain inside your name ship account into these domain name servers so I’m gonna copy first name server then I’m gonna go on to my name ship account and I’m gonna hover with my domain and click on manage and now you have
to change these name servers from Namecheap basic dns into custom DNS and now in the name server one copy the name of the name server one and then here in second one into name servers – and now just click this check back on so Save Changes we will take couple of seconds and it says that DNS server update may take up to 48 hours to take an effect guys from my own experience I ground is very reliable and fast hosting so it usually takes like 10
minutes sometimes even less let me check this and guys as you can see it’s already updated and it’s working just within a minute and that’s it guys we have pointed your name ship domain into your Saigon web hosting and now you can start with building your site if you follow this tutorial along with me and you’re ready to continue in the next step make sure you check the cards on right hand side we’re gonna leave two related videos that will teach
you how to create a wordpress website and WordPress e-commerce site also before I knock off I just want to invite you one more time to subscribe and don’t forget to hit notification well because that way you’ll be notified once I release a new video and thanks for watching I’ll see you again Cheers