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How to Setup a Godaddy Domain Name on Siteground Nameservers

Learn how to set up a GoDaddy domain name on SiteGround nameservers with this straightforward video.

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You’ll need to have a GoDaddy domain name and a SiteGround hosting account before you can proceed. To get a GoDaddy domain name, go to and to get a SiteGround hosting account, go to

First, log into your SiteGround account. Click on My Accounts and then click Manage Account next to the one for which you want to switch nameservers. Click on the Information & Settings tab. In the Account DNS section, you’ll see the nameserver information. Copy both of those pieces of information. In another tab, open your GoDaddy account and click on Visit My Account. Click on Domains and find the domain you’ll be working with and click on Manage DNS. Scroll down to the Nameservers section and click on Change. Select the option for a Custom nameserver. Enter the nameserver information you copied from SiteGround into the two empty fields. Click Save.

Go back to SiteGround and click on Go to cPanel and then on Proceed on the pop up window. In the Domains section, click on Addon Domain. Enter your GoDaddy domain name in the New Domain Name field, add the password and username, and click on Add Domain. Now, your GoDaddy domain name points to your SiteGround nameservers.

The next step is to install a content management system, like WordPress, on your site. You’ll find the WordPress Installer on your SiteGround cPanel. Click on that to proceed with installing WordPress. To get more information on SiteGround, you can take a look at

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