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How to set up your domain and hosting with GreenGeeks

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hey guys in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to set up your domain and your hosting account with green geeks so from the checklist we have for getting the tech done I am just explaining a little bit about the difference between a domain name and a hosting account so for our hosting we’re recommending green geeks so you’re going to click the gold button here it will take you two green geeks you’re going to choose the wordpress hosting
option here in the menu and once you are on the WordPress hosting it’s optimized for WordPress so this is the one we’re using it starts at 395 a month click the green get started now button and then basically you have two options if you need to register a new domain name then do it here and claim it and see if they have it available and you will get that free actually for the first year when you sign up and if you want to use an existing domain
then you will do that as well so I’m going to go ahead and use one of the existing domains I have it’s registered at a different company that’s totally fine they’re gonna send information on how to point the name servers and potentially if you want to transfer that name you can do that eventually so I’m going to go ahead and continue here this is very very straightforward and you’re just gonna fill in your account information keep in mind that
your email address will be your account login ok now for the package information you’re basically gonna use the 3 years you can decide if you want to pay less but you’ll see that if you pay for two years or you pay yearly or you pay in a monthly basis the price per month goes up so I would recommend just paying for 3 years sometimes I’ve paid for it you know years and years in advance so to lock in the lowest rate and if there is a coupon and
it’s already been applied so that’s great that’ll be your order total and then the rest is fairly straightforward put your card information and create your account to get started and then once you check out it’s basically saying that they need to email you in order to get you your login credentials and get you set up on an account and then they’re just telling you to make sure you check your your spam folders your promotion folders you’re looking
for that email from green geeks support okay so I got two emails from green geeks they did end up in my updates tab on my gmail account so be sure to look there and they came in within two to three minutes of signing up the first one was my order confirmation and the second one was my login details so they set you up with a temporary password which is just copy and paste either your email address is your login there’s a login link in that email
address which is am green geeks comm so I am signing in now for the first time okay and now this is basically your dashboard on your green geeks account which is great you’ll see the domain that you either acquired or that is an existing domain for you and remember I chose existing domain that’s why this status is pending which is totally fine and from here you’re all set now there’s a couple of things we’re going to do we’re going to submit a
support ticket to get your SSL let’s encrypt setup and then we are going to go into your cPanel and install WordPress you