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hey guys Victor Fernandez here from commerce method blueprint um this tutorial is going to be showing you how to set up your nameservers from godaddy to hostgator so if you haven't already signed up with a hosting account I suggest you do so with Hostgator um since this tutorial is for Hostgator so when you sign up with them they should have already sent you an email with your account information your login username password and name servers so once you get that email up head over to godaddy and then godaddy login to your account and hit my account go down two domains and from this page you're going to select your domain they're going to be setting up your nameservers too so you're going to check it off and then up here you're gonna see name servers and set name servers right in this box you're going to check off I have specific name servers for my domain out what you do it should be in your email and you're going to set your name servers and these two boxes right here so NS one is going to go in here and ns2 is going to go in here oh so after you do that you're going to click ok and then you're going to head over to your hosting account login so this clean your email to UM should give you a link special link to log into your hosting account so once you do that you know put in your username and your password that should take you to a this page you're going to scroll down to domains and they're going to hit click add-on domain you're going to put your new domain name so that should automatically fill out then just set your password I recommend using password generator and set your password and hit add-on domain add domain once to do that a window should pop up saying transferring or redirecting or something like that and the transfer should be almost instantly so after you do that you should be able to set up your WordPress script or or whatever that's about it for this tutorial um I have another video on another arm if you use a different domain name register such as namecheap I will have another domain on that going from namecheap to host here all right guys syrah .

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