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How to set up a wordpress site with godaddy and hostgator

This is for my Six Pack Insanity Super Affiliate Training

In this video tutorial I show you how to set up a wordpress site and blog with a godaddy domain name and hostgator hosting.

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hey guys brad scott here with day two of the six-pack insanity super affiliate training and um i was talking about setting up blogs and teaching you guys how to blog but without first setting it up you’re not going to have a blog so what i use is wordpress i use to buy my domain names and then i have my hosting through hostgator so i actually um i bought a domain name to show you guys how to set up the wordpress site and i got from godaddy okay so i bought the domain name and i’m going to host it through my hostgator account so all i need to do in this section i’m in the domain management section we’re going to scroll down to name servers and we’re just going to change these up so basically when you set up your hostgator account they’re going to give you certain name servers that are specific to your hostgator control panel so
i’m just going to put those in click ok and like i said yours will be different than mine so it could take usually 2 to 48 hours so that’s all set right there i’m going to go over to my hostgator control panel and what you need to do is you’ll scroll down to um add-on domains so you’re gonna put in the new domain name so uh mine was spider-man workout okay and you just click on the second box that’s going to pull that up for you i’m going to put
in my password that i usually use okay and then i just click add domain right here okay so now is added to my hostgator control panel but i’m not finished yet okay so now we’re here it’s all done um the add-on domain has been created so now what i’m going to do is go back and i’m going to go to home we’re going to scroll down within the hostgator control panel and we’re going to go to fantastico deluxe
there’s a lot of crap in here that you don’t really need to use i don’t use half of it but this is the one thing that i use all the time so fantastico is basically just like the platform to install wordpress onto your site so i’m going to click on wordpress and i’m going to click new installation um scroll down to install in open directory it’s going to be my main website so i don’t want a certain blog or anything like that
administrator i’m just going to put brad scott and then i’m going to put in my password i’m not going to show you that though so i’m just going to pause it for a second okay so i’ve put uh basically all my password in and everything i put my account nickname something easy to remember my email and then the site name spiderman workout we can write the description later with what we’re going to do so i just click install word and it finished the
installation okay so just click that and then what it’s going to give us is basically the um the dashboard for the wordpress which you’re going to use to write all your pages all your posts all that good stuff and edit the whole website put your theme in all that good stuff so we’re gonna click on that and if it hasn’t if it hasn’t been already uh at least an hour or two uh since you’ve changed your name servers on your um godaddy domain name
then you’re probably gonna be pulled up to a page like this so you gotta wait maybe a couple hours or so i’m gonna go ahead and wait and then i’ll resume the recording and show you guys the rest of the steps to get your your wordpress blog and site looking really nice and all set up okay all right good guys so i’m back um the domain name has been all set up with the name servers now it’s been about a few hours so it’s all good to go this is um
what it’s going to look like when you come up to your wordpress dashboard to build your site okay so i put in this is where you put in the information that you used when you set it up in the hostgator account okay so put in your username and your password that you had set up in there it’s good thing to like try and keep track of all this stuff write it down on a piece of paper and a in a file it’ll say welcome to your new wordpress site so first
thing i want you to do before you start writing any posts or writing any pages or doing anything is go over to settings and go down to permalinks and i’ve already done this but um usually it’ll be set to default here and what happens is this is really bad for seo because when you write your posts you want it to be something like um andrew garfield uh spiderman workout so andrew garfield spiderman workout would be the keyword
that i’m trying to target so you want the post name to be actually in here so change it to post name so then the url up up here will be garfield spider-man workout um so it’s better for seo the seo uh little crawlers can read that name instead of just having numbers that make no sense to him and he’ll be uh finding yourself ranking a little better if you do that so just go ahead um click post name click save changes okay and
then i use optimizepress for my theme it’s a paid theme um it’s unbelievable for building squeeze pages sales pages launch funnels and you can put a blog on there as well so i highly advise you use that theme i think it’s around 97 and you can use it on as many sites as you want so it’s totally worth it i’ve already uploaded it but i’m just going to show you how to do that go to appearance themes and usually uh as soon as you install your
wordpress they’ll give you this 2011 theme it’s okay but it’s kind of boring you can’t do anything with it really so i’ve already installed the optimizepress optimizepress is really good at giving you tutorials on how to install everything but you would just go to install themes and you can either look up themes so let’s search for say a theme that’s let’s do custom menu and we can do theme options click find themes and this is if you just want
to do a free one and it’ll pull up all these different themes so you just kind of look at ones that you like and pick those but if you want to go to go and be able to really make money online you want to go with something that you can build squeeze pages with um and that has good seo built into it so i would go with optimizepress so i’ve already installed optimizepress and i’ve made a a banner on picasa the cost is a free program it’s obviously
owned by google so let’s just go ahead and take a look at the site that i built i haven’t written any posts or anything yet so it’s still really plain so i made a little banner it’s just super quick when i made just to show you guys um i’ve set it so the blog is the home page uh i put this can be your opt-in form for your blog so usually i put a opt-in form right here and let’s actually take you over to my main site six-pack insanity and we’ll go
to blog so this is what your site would look like if it’s all set up already just taking a sec to load okay so i’ve got my pages up here i’ve got my blog post that i use to drive in traffic okay my opt-in form right here so people can do that and then i’ve got banner ads pretty much the whole way down okay um this is what i send people to if i’m just sending them straight to from my emails but if someone just goes to i’ve got
it set up as a a squeeze page so once they’ve opted in it’ll go to my sales page and it’ll go through a whole funnel okay so then it goes to my main sales page so i could get more sales and this is the page that you guys your affiliate link goes to right here so if you want to set up your own squeeze pages i highly recommend using optimizepress for that and i’ll make a whole new tutorial for you another day on that okay because squeeze pages are
very important to making money online you want to be able to capture those emails so you can market to them at least two or three times a week right but uh that’s basically all you need to know about installing your wordpress theme guys you’ve got your post here this is where you’re gonna make your blog post you just click add new you put your main keyword that you want to target as your title with maybe a couple words around it and make sure you
have an image with your alt text being that that same so i’m just gonna upload let’s go desktop real fast and we’ll upload an image this guy so say my um my main key where i’m trying to target is andrew garfield spider-man workout i want to put it for the image title and then we can go ahead and put this link to whatever affiliate program you’re trying to sell okay so let’s just go of course let’s buy and um we’ll insert it
into the post so now that’s good for seo as well and you want to kind of sprinkle your keyword throughout the article make sure your keyword is in the first line and the last line of your blog post and also make sure you have your your um within your post you want it linking to another page within your site and all that will be good for seo okay um optimize optimizepress has great seo built into it so you just do like andrew garfield spiderman
workout that was my main keyword put a little bit about what the post is about in here and then put all your keywords that you’ll find on uh the google keyword tool right in here also put your keywords in the tags here but i hope you like this video guys go ahead and start blogging try and do a blog post every day if you can and just find those keywords that you want to try and target go ahead and write a blog post with that main keyword being
the uh the focus and you’ll be able to start ranking for some pretty good keywords there i’ll see you next time guys bye