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for the winter story digital storytelling section you can use this method though to set up subdomains really for anything if you want to do a sub domain for just your module reporting if you want to do something for just personal stuff whatever you can do that but for this this exercise we're just going to do it for the final so you'll have to go to dreamhost and log on only one of you in the group is going to have to complete this task because your final group assignment is going to be located in the same sub domain so all right want to manage domains if you're not already there and we're going to add a new sub domain all right where it says domain name this is where you're going to add the name I would suggest you do something like final and then dot whatever your site is so mine will be final Craig Newman calm now I already set up a subdomain like that so i am going to create a fake one for the purposes of this video and i'm going to call it assignments Greg and okay so let's scroll down here and make sure that we have everything checks that needs to be checked and I think we're okay and fully host this to me and it will take a second or two and then you should get something that looks like this saying success it's going to tell you it could take up to a few hours maximum time for your sub domain to begin working it probably won't take that long okay and then you can see right here is the sub domain i just set up assignment Greg Newman calm and then you want to go to your one click installs and install new website software this is just like when we set up WordPress for the first time I'm going to install it to assignment Craig Newman calm and I'm going to have it create a database for me and there it says success WordPress will be installed to ww assignment Craig nemikham within 10 minutes and i'll go ahead and check over there real quick i doubt it's ready to go yet but sometimes it goes through kind of quick yep hasn't populated my database yet but if I go to final Craig Newman calm which I set up last night and I've already added a theme to it it's just the same as what we've been doing the same wordpress install is what you've been working with in class so from there it'll start you off with the ugly blue screen default WordPress site and you can start tooling around and looking at that themes to use for your final project so that should help you walk through the process for setting up a sub domain it's pretty easy as you can see like I say you can set up numerous subdomains to really do anything you want obviously for this exercise we're just going to do it for the final if there are any questions as always .

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How to set up a subdomain in DreamHost A step-by-step walkthrough illustrating how to set up a subdomain in DreamHost and using it for a WordPress install. How to set up a subdomain in DreamHost[/toggle]


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