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hey guys welcome today I'm going to show you how to set up a free professional email address utilizing your Hostgator account and outlook oh yeah just a second all right and so in the back here when you scroll down you'll see under mail you'll see email accounts right and you just click on email account let's do you want to try to get a strong password you can there I'm you can choose what you want the mailbox quota to be if you want them to be limited to 500 megabytes or if you want it unlimited you can determine that because that utilizes your hosting space um and then you basically just click and create the account alright so you can create boom so now your account is created and you have your email address your password so on and so forth now i'm not going to show my information here but basically here you can get your server information if you scroll you can change your passwords and stuff here as well as you can see how you're going to be able to access your email so you can either access it through webmail here your Hostgator back office you can click access webmail to access it there or you can do configure email client if you're going to use like Outlook or something like that and that's what I'm going to show you next on how to set that up for me I have outlook for mac hopefully it's going to be similar or at least guide you on however it is that you're setting it up in outlook but this is where you're going to get the information that you need for the next screen under tools count and then you will put the description that you want for that account you your full name as you want it to show up in your emails that you send out you're going to put the email address that you created then the server information so the user name is going to be that email address that you created the password is going to be the password that you created the incoming server is going to be that information that you found from the configure email client you got want to go ahead and utilize that incoming server information make sure that and then if you're important is not correct you want to select override default port so that you can put your correct port in there then of course you can use more options and it fit as it and you can set up as many different email accounts by adding additional accounts and now out love will be able to manage all of those email addresses for you so hopefully that helped if do you have any questions just go ahead and leave them right below this video because if you have a question that means somebody else probably does as well and so it helps just answer it for everybody at once hopefully that helped go ahead and set yourself up a nice professional email utilizing your current domain name that you can utilize in your business correspondence leave a message down below if there's any other questions or tips that you guys are looking for and i'll be glad to share those with you as well have a great day bye you .

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Have you ever wondered how to set up a professional email address for free? Well this video helps to accomplish that using HostGator and Outlook.[/toggle]


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